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Where can I find info on Huxleys and all the different models and also how to identify the different models?

I don’t mean going to Huxley website. I mean how do I actually distinguish between the different models?

Believe it or not but I have asked several casino personel at the local casino what Huxley model wheels they were using…I only received confused blanc stares and even had a reply from a dealer “Do you get more than one type?”


I do not know wheels, i divide them more as I like it or i do nto like it.

Snowman is one who knows all details.

lol. Yes that is about the knowledge I have of roulette wheels as well! :smiley:

I want to however change that. Most importantly I would love to know what Huxley’s I’m currently playing. I think the wheels at the local casino here are all about 10 years old if not slightly older.

The one wheel which had a dominant drop 12/14 I told you about, has actual visual wear on the veneer where the dealers release the ball on the track. So I think that the wheels overall might be oldish and not in such a good condition here.

I was told however that the wheels apparently get’s checked every single day to see if it’s level. This means that there is a definate problem with some of these wheels which is not related to leveling them. (Because of definate dominant deflectors)

Does snowman post around here alot? If you do mate, could you be so kind as to give me a few pointers how to actually identify different model wheels (Huxley).

Kind regards

P.S. The craftman is only as good as his tools…

Snowman only teases people on forums and makes fun.
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eeehhhh not too happy about the idea of being made a joke of. So I guess I will give that miss.

Lucky Strike, do you know wheels well?


I’m actually more interested in scatter charts of different huxley models. More specifically, the huxley saturn and starburst.

@toxic: You can check out the models at the huxley website but you’ve probably done that. The 2 huxley models I’ve mostly seen used are the Saturn and the Starburst. The Starburst is the newest one (i think) and the slots are scalloped and made from one single piece of metal. The Saturn is what is used most over here and has low profile frets. Not sure if it’s over 10 years old though.

Here’s a link: http://livedealer.org/blog/2010/05/the-tcsjohnhuxley-saturn-roulette-wheel/

What do the wheels in your casino look like? Maybe I can try to identify it or image search for it.

Sry for double-posting.
I found some more info on Huxley wheels on myrulet.com
Here’s some Huxley wheels older than a decade:


I think Forester wrote that

Hi Holy,

From the pics you linked too I think that it might be Huxley Mk3’s they have here. The shape of the frets are the same. Difficult to explain exactly what they look like but it looks like the pic of the MK3 except that it has more of a ‘wood’ grain if that makes sense! What differences are there between the different MK’s? Like what distinguishes a Mk3 and Mk 4,5 or 6?

Is there anything I should look at?

Is the Mk3 a Saturn I suppose right?

Thanks for the reply and info mate.

You are not the same Holyman that use to be on VLS right?


To be honest, I only know this info from what I read on the net and also what my local casinos use.
The mk3’s were the first wheels with the low-profile frets and is used in all the mk’s up to the saturn.

I found some info on the “evolution on roulette wheels” and it focuses on huxley wheels, mk’s more specifically:


It’s a pdf file so you’ll have to download it. Focus mainly on the end of page 2 as well as page 3 as it explains what the differences are.

As for a different wood grain/colour, same models will use different colours on the wheel. As you saw on the pictures on the huxley saturn site, they have multiple colours/wood grain but they are all saturns. The best way to diffrentiate is to look at the frets, slots, rotor and the turret.

Other than that, not sure how you would know which MK model it is without asking the casino executives. Huxley may have just made subtle differences with the MK’s.

Anyhow, I’m pretty new to the roulette forum scene (only been active for several months). I regularly read VLSroulette posts but I’m not registered there, so it’s someone else.

Let me know if you need anymore help.

Your best bet is to look online at the different wheel manufacturer websites. I also try to attend the trade shows in LV each year and collect the brochures on them as well.


@ Holyman

Thanx mate. You are very helpful indeed. I am pretty much convinced that the local casino have Mk3’s. Pretty much because I know the wheels are older than 10 years and they look the same as on the pic you posted. The Turret, frets etc. all look the same.

I might try ans sneak a photo from one of the wheels if possible. Of course taking photos in the casinos here are pretty much prohibited (I guess it goes for all casinos internationally.) And I do not want to draw any attention to myself. Not once have I seen anyone here play VB though. Which basically leaves me as sole better after the ball is spun…so I guess to stay incognito (hope I spelled that right!) won’t be that easy. Do you have any additional info on the scatter patterns of a MK3?

@ Snowman

Thanks for the reply mate. I understand you are the real deal when it comes to bias and wheels. I hope to learn as much from you as possible without being a nuisance!

BTW as I have mentioned to Forester, there is a wheel here that hits 12 from 14 spins on one diamond. What I do not like about this particular wheel is the scatter though. It also runs a fair bit on the rail.

You can use body worn spy cameras if you want to record your wheels inside the Casino environment, like this one:


Recording quality seems ok:

Wow those cameras look real cool 8)

I think will invest in one real soon.

Thanx Bago.


low resolution, to expensive

Can one get them covert like that with high resolution and at a cheap price?


It is an ok spy camera if your goal is to show the design, as i’ve understood. Now, if you want to record very precise parts of the wheel so that a bias analysis expert has a look at it, then it is another story.

I doubt you will find such covert cameras with high resolution, or if it exists, it must cost a small fortune.

Yea, there’s really no need to invest a couple hundred bucks on a spy pen to record the wheel. Even if you do buy it, how will you covertly record the wheel? Leaning over the table and glass while the pen is in your shirt pocket? Holding the pen out over the wheel?

The casino’s here allow you to use your cell phone near the table so that’s how I got a couple pics/vids while they weren’t looking. Just pretend your texting of something :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking pictures won’t really help you identify which wheel will work for AP or identify which wheel has a bias. Like you said, it’s probably a huxley MK version.

What’s more important is to identify which wheels are playable with VB (you already found a DD wheel).


track the shit out of that wheel/s…it looks clear to me there not turning the wheels round,(say a qaurter a week) this helps spread wair and tear on the track ,the wheels you describe should be showing sighns of bias

ask me or snowman for some quick tips

track wheels,look for identifying marks(so you can spot wheel movments in the casino)

keep spins seperate cw acw

post them to snowman or me

ok good luck

Hi Security thanks for that.

I checked last night and the wheel with the DD 12/14 spins has been leveled or turned or swopped. It does not have the same DD like before. Also I have noticed that the diamonds are not in the same positions. So they must of turned it or swopped it. I think they swopped it.

I will walk around and try and spot where that wheel is when I’m there again. Most probably Thursday.

One thing I have noticed now is that the turrets have flat sections on them (Diamond shape) whereas at the rapid roulette they are round.

On all these wheels there are clear wear where the dealer releases the ball so that is why I do not think that the wheels are turned. Might just be swopped or leveled?

Anyhow I will check them thoroughly.