What roulette computer the Ritz guys use?

Does anyone know what kind of roulette computer the Ritz guys use?

In the Youtube documentary said they used a device or some sort.

Roulette Ritz Team to win at any casino they ever won, never used any roulette computer but only roulette visual prediction.

It is visual prediction similar to Master roulette explanation. How he can stand on the end of table and in same time judge the ball and rotor speed I never managed to pick from some conversations. I wouldn’t describe them as the greatest skill but as the greatest search for opportunities.There is a bit more to it but I can’t talk.

Few years back in my closest casino they couldn’t win anything, simply conditions were not right.

Everything else is promoted by people selling computers as Stefano, Jefco and Mark Howe.
They use video made about Ritz on their site wanting people believe they have something with that. The video is only a speculation and expectation from casino consultants as Barnett.

Only recently I was talking with one guy telling him how they use video, he told me tell them ( da im jebem mamu u usta) (I am not going even to translate that but it is one very rued common expression back home) tell them to achieve something then promote their own achievement and not to hide behind someone elses success.

Ritz player Niko when playing. Have to admit has interesting look on his eyes.

Yes much different to look I saw in Forester’s eyes when I played with him!
His eyes were looking at every beautiful woman nearby.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hahahaha, noooooo now i look only the ball. :basketball: