What is the percentage to predict 10 consecutive roulette spins with 10 numbers played?

A question: If I pick the same number 10 consecutive times on the 37# wheel…what % or what are the odds that I will pick correctly in those 10 consecutive bets?

For all 10 times or for any.

odds = (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37) x (10/37)

odds = 5.62057872625771E-07

It means you would achieve it once in ~1,779,176 spins.

It may be interesting to look at what would be if you place 10 units to cover 10 numbers then if casino lets you distribute winnings again across 10 numbers.

10	36	130	467	1680	6047	21768	78364	282111	1015600	3656158

It starts with 10 units , after first spin you have 36 units which you again distribute across 10 numbers and so on.

3,656,158 units win


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If you’re sticking with the same number for 10 spins on a 37# wheel, the odds of hitting it every time are pretty slim. Each spin is an independent event, so the chance of hitting the same number 10 times in a row is 1 in 3,486,784,401 ... Good luck! :slot_machine::four_leaf_clover:

Oops, 1 number instead of 10

smaller chance than winning the lottery


This is wrong, this is same number with replacement, should be (1/37)^10=1/(4.8E+15)

If you’re picking the same number on a 37-number wheel for 10 consecutive bets, your chance of hitting it each time is 1/37. To calculate the odds of hitting it every time, just multiply that probability by itself 10 times.

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