What is the best way to bet when using one of the FF computers?

Hi comrades ;),

Could you please tell me your experience(s) with FF computer(s) in a real casino environment and how do you bet when using such technology? And what is your starting bankroll plus profit/loss margins?

Thank you!!!

Nobody can tell you that it is an individual thing it also doesn’t depend on person but on conditions he facing. It means if the wheel is easy and he built some bankroll of course he will bet more if they let him.

Reading this may help you understand how many pockets to bet.

Thank You!!! By the way what is the car brand that starts with F? I have tried fiat, ford, and Ferrari but did not work…

Yep, had the same problem with the intitial login.

Tried the same three you did to no avail.

Had to come back in and retry the whole thing and got a different question that worked.


My apology it had a problem; #5 instead of “Ford”.