What is strange with a roulette spin from online casino?



A roulette spin from an online casino, someone asked me to check what is wrong with the spin, because he has a problem predicting it with FF roulette computer. Why he can’t predict it? Can you see the problem?


Could be rigged, like you said after camera switch it is not the same spin.


Here, looks to me are not the online casino, but real casino terminal.
If it is so, then I played many such wheels in different countries without big problems. From where is translation not sure - usually in terminals are the translation from the real wheel which stands somewhere in the casino.
Only here as I see is very small ball deceleration and only 7 sec to measure and do bets, usually at least for me that is too short time.
Simply for normal play player must do playing model and check if at all possible to win. From one spin to say nothing possible, but if are more spins possible to fix some the same ball speed and simply look to rest distance. If it is like gauss curve and main part fit to +/-9 pocket from average - to win is possible, if dispersion is significant wider - better forget such wheel.


I have more videos. This wheel is RNG, so result is predetermined and after video is just shown of the spin. I prefer live dealer


If you know that result is RNG why you ask? FF here will not help you … :slight_smile:


But the rotor speed is different only when the camera changes to display the wheel form the other view.
Because of bad quality, it is hard to define ball position after the video angle switches.
It looks as the video doesn’t belong to the same spin. from the first part.