What is ACC for cammegh wheels?

Hey guys,

So I am working on VB2.

I have problem finding the correct reference time to use.
The wheel at my casino is a Cammegh Connoisseur with Ivorine ball. The ball has linear deceleration when fast but after the knee point the deceleration increases. But it is hard to predict when the ball is faster.

So my question is what is the correct ACC to use in formula for Connoisseur wheel?
Forester gave us this formula t=1000 / (rotor time x ACC)

It is only an estimation where the acc is difference in between ball rotations in ms but the rotor time is in seconds.

Th best is to apply time 2 times in same spin and see if the result matches.

Forester does ACC stand for acceleration?

What do you mean same spin?

Not reall acc but it is related.

Same spin means same spin. The ball spins you apply say time 1.6s you see the number then you apply it instantly again and see number again. If they are close then the time is oK.