What is a good TV to buy?

I spent some time looking at current TV’s for 2019 and selected Sony X9500G.
It is based on Android and apparently has the best processor for the system and picture.

It may be good to play roulette video spins.

Yeah, directly from my YouTube channel :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Forester, next video is for you (creamy dealer hands).

OK, but please don’t put to much cream.

First before recording spin the ball hard 10 times, because in usual your spins at the start are very different, maybe because of dust on the wheel.
Then spin 10 spins normal, then apply the cream, normal as the dealer would and if you have that antiseptic cream. Such cream is kind of different it doesn’t make hands so much oily, Then wash the hands not the ball and spin another 10 spins.

I believe it is a very important issue. Because casino dealers use the cream all the time.

I will!
Can you suggest some common brands?