What do you think?

This is a land based casino I recorded.

The problem is their computer software announces the winning number before the ball has landed. Is this scam?

Probably just a delay in the video mate

what video ?

Thought it was online casino, so we’re you there

In that case totally fixed

if such, that is not problem but huge gift…

It says the number a second before it drops, why is that a gift

To me it means it is a rng


This is something quite new and I have never encountered it in any of the dozens of Casino’s all around the world in which I have played?

Can you please take a short video of the last stages of the spin on your cell phone with sound on from the NMB call until the ball lands?

We would all be intrigued to see it on this Forum.


It is online land based casino in Malta. Problem is that the game is fixed by computer. They control where the ball lands. They have very sophisticated software.


Aaa online, how many years you have, if still think, that can win online ??? :slight_smile: