Western union and roulette scam

be carefull if using western union to pay for roulette systems

Western Union being used for a Scam

Yes very good point to make

Ill just explain to al non UK residents how this works,as no doubt PPl will be asking how the can fake your ID with a western union repeit

Ok its simple,In the UK They have no identity cards in place and you wont belive that poasport is not acepted either

PLL in UK must prove were they live ,this aparently is more improtant to banks and other comercial bodies,so what happens you tke to your banl for example two forms of proof ,which the bank wil usually ask for gas bill with your name and adress on it and say telphone bill also

This I know to some of you sounds a joke but thats how the scam works ,so ,a gas bill is easy to fake

If you care ,look up the proof of IDENTITY RULES for UK western union

take care and thanks for posting the link forester

Well, it was your link, I found it interesting.

Forester, can you please stop making posts that direct us once again to you know who…

I hear you Bago but,

@forester looks like your new device is attracting too much attention :o :wink: :wink: :wink:

Breaking Vegas - The Roulette Assault 01

Oh BTW ,This is the video scammer steve uses to promote his genuine winner,A very high class video,that I’m afraid some unsuspecting young person might fall for

Id just like to add that this video had NO financing what so ever from steve…Just a typical example of him useing other ppls wotk to promotehis crap

Yes he uses it, trying to make impression that it has something to do with him.

Most funnies thing from Stefano, is his comment on all versions that we have of his scam system which he calls genuinewinner.

I am not stupid to give to someone real genuinewinner system that
literally can win millions. First I need to trust him.

It looks as for all this years he did not find single person to trust.
But then why he complains when we comment system he sells as a scam.
Someone pays him $2500, relatively it is a big money, for that money he wants to receive something that he can use and win. Instead of that form Stefano he receives only rubbish.

Same trick with his phone that he links to the Ritz Team Story whereas it has nothing to do with it. But the newbie gets the impression that he will buy a product that will earn him millions in two nights of play.
Keep in mind this big shit is only a PROMOTOR, at court, it is what he replied to the judge, and for once he didn’t lie.

The problem for Stefano is promoting a scam is much more difficult since when you’ve been clearly exposed, you need to convict people, and when you are contradicting yourself, it is hard to get people trust.

Another example is on his roulettewars website. On the first page, you can read: “But some players have achieved little or no success. Why? I have almost 700 players (system and computer combined), so of course at least a few are bound to not understand what they’ve purchased.”

And when you click on the link: “Misc”, it is another figure. “We currently have almost 600 players, most of which use our roulette system. With so many players, of course a few are bound to not fully understand what they’ve purchased.”

Truth is you can divide his fake number of players per TEN. (He has around 60 players combined)
Four years back, when I was on his forum, we were only 3 on his computer section, and there was around 15 players on his system section.

His other trick of boosting the number of his players give the illusion that there are MANY who are making millions with his products, and only FEW are complaining.

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If anybody could link himself to success of Ritz team then it is me.

We are from same country, I even have picture of one of players but
I never used it in promoting my work.

With some people I had to argue that in Ritz casino they did not use my FF.
Kovac had similar device, but again it wasn’t made by me. :-X

[i]"I would like you to help me and my family, I have asked Stefano for a refund several times, but he says I do not know how to use system properly. At his site he says he gives guaranteed refund of $100,000 if his system does not work. I just want my $2000 back for my poor family to feed them. Please send this proof to the correct authorities to deal with this criminal and get me monies back please."[/i]

GEEE, another web page that loves Stefano , very popular guy.


I am not sure if Stefano was promising 100k money return or 200%,
does it really matter? :’(

Hi Forester,

No, it’s not me. Looking at the bank transfer, it seems to be a spanish man. Unfortunately for him, Stefano the crook won’t refund his money.
I published also bank transfer, shipping document for his roulette computer shit. But as it was the first time it happened to him, he refunded my money because the deal was I got all the documents removed from Mark website. Indeed, for a business to go on, you don’t want people telling the world about a scam with proof. Of course Mark kept the documents and Stefano threatened me with his lawyers. I never heared from them.

That’s the REAL reason i got my money back. Stefano lie by stating he refunded me because he didn’t want to deal with an idiot like me.
Then why don’t he refund all the idiots who can’t understand his system? I am the only one known to have obtained a refund.
If the guy would be very wealthy like he claims, he would not cry for keeping people’s money or give pathetic excuses. You would take the risk to have your whole name exposed with the associated “scammer” word if you were wealthy?. Of course not. But it’s too late for Stefano, that’s what you find about him when you type in google his name.

At that time he was lying that nobody wants refund.

If you did not know when he was saying that I am lying that 6 people wants money back from him ( when all trouble with Stefano started) , Jorge was one of 6 people who were asking for refund. I know him for long time
Yes you did well, but you were extremely lucky because it happened at right time when you asked for your money and made him a threat.
When you start talking about his genuine winner system his roulette computer and experience with him, you badly screwed his scamming business.

He was writing how he initiated low process against you, it is still everywhere on net.
You are saying that you have no idea about it.
I do not need to ask who is lying.

But the funniest is when Stefano lost court and claimed that he lost because
Forester convinced Judge that he is a scammer and that he did not have time to tell judge about Ritz team.
That’s his logic.