Want to buy a Huxley wheel

:wink: Guy I am in a battle with myself. I can get a Huxley mk3/4 wheel with table, balls and chips for R28000 delivered to my door. That is about $2800. WHEEL has no scratches and operates beautifully. Question here is do I want the mk model frets? I would appreciate as much constructive info as possible. I am looking at sealing the deal on Monday.

is this a type of wheel you gonna be playing later?
If yes, go for it

If you need deccoraton in the house then buy it.

:frowning: Yeah Miro. The last two like that was removed a couple of monts ago. Looks exactly like the Saturns here except for the frets. Deep inside I knew to forget about it. Thing is wheels here are amost impossible to get and at that price over here damn attractive. But you are right. It is a dinosaur so shouldn’t waste money on it. patience. :slight_smile:

Thank you


My point is that you do not need any wheel.
There is no wheel which would be 100% same as you play in casino since even if they are same model they are different. Understanding that regardless which kind of wheel you have is same. You don’t need anything more than few video spins.