Viper5 and oldtimer

Yes I will predicti it! :slight_smile:
Wile in ur case you will not! because u can t spot ANY decleration…U see all speeds same. :stuck_out_tongue:

And u will play again VB2.
And when rotor will be faster than 3 secs…or slower than 4,5 sec,U will gamble…

Mr. Forester, day by day U are actinbg like a little spoiled kid.

I had enough!
Stay here U and securitiman and speak eatch other with newbies!

While Kelly , Caleb, LS and others don t post in ur forum because they have problem with ur attitude.

Delete my account now.
Thank u.

I am sorry that I do not act by your specification.
You wish will be granted!!!

I see that you have and account under name “oldtimer”
I’ll remove that as well?

Stand firm and do not hide behind someone else’s name!