Video of Stefano's roulette scam computer


His excuse is the PC DVD player is skipping. Then how come i am having close prediction numbers but from different sectors. Then how come my clicks are accurate (wheel speed displayed on the screen) and you can check the accuracy of my ball clicks with Stefano’s voice: Clear accuracy impossible to repeat in the Casino environment.
Also contrary to what he claims, i always used the same diamond to clock the wheel and ball and i even clocked repeatedly the same wheel revolution AND ball revolutions.
Even with all those paramaters that helps a computer to give similar predictions, it predicts different sectors.

That is only mathematical calculation, and he doesn’t have even that correct.

After is coming, will the ball really behave as calculated?
It depends on wheel quality and time of prediction.
If we have system that will mathematically predict within few pockets, on reasonable wheel and with reasonable time of prediction we can expect the ball to do as predicted with concentrated results as ~ 1:9. Finally when scatter is applied we end up with theoretical 1:20-1:30 hit rate. From which we may not get maximum in real play.

Hi Forester,

Stefano cannot say, as an excuse, that my PC DVD player is skipping since he is getting the same kind of result in one of his video computer demo. I can forward it to you if you don’t have it.
He gets a lot of predictions around Zero sector and suddenly prediction number 23.
So, what is the excuse for having a far off prediction from predicted sector?

If we are behaving like him, we would say that he is a moron that does not understand the first thing about his computer.

Also it is clear in your private email between you and him, that he said your computer deals better with human clicking errors than his computer and he was willing to swap them EVEN FOR HIS HYBRID COMPUTER.

And now he claims your computer is rubbish, that any beginner in electronics and mathematics could develop a similar one in 10 minutes.

Now he is pretexting if it didn’t work this is because i had an old version, funny but at this time, he claimed his computer got 1 in 16 hit rate against the most modern wheels and that millions could be won.

But now he acknowledged he lied, and his current version is 100 times better and you get each time a prediction close to 3 pockets.

Gimme a break!


And that is why I start calling him a scammer.

I do have all his DVD’s

Graphs on the right are showing how Stefano's prediction relates to drop point on the rotor. This 3 graphs are what Stefano gets on his own video at his own time with his own roulette computer. No I am not joking, the red graph is his prediction versus ball drops on the rotor. It is clear that it is nothing more then random result. Even if the ball doesn't jump at all he wouldn't have any advantage since there are too many narrow pick points which of course will change all the time since prediction never can have single number accuracy.
He can't have anything better since his basics calculation and clocking is wrong. Now he claims it did predict within ½ of rotation, but even if it did it is not good enough because that is only a starting point. The FF predicts mostly within 3 pockets and we still strugling to keep advantage.

What he is trying to do now is manipulative again.
To do my test and to make video about it of course it can be manipulated.
Dishonesty is Stefano’s life, as you said he lives from that. I can make video where the FF will predict within 1 pocket of accuracy, I can make a video where even final result can be 1:1 hit rate. But that is not my point. My point is to make system work so everybody can get same as I do. Will he find it useful and applicable in his casino I can’t know?

Now you understand more but can you imagine what he does to people who have no clue about roulette. I’ve sen him writing Forester even admits his system can’t predict some wheels.
Of course it can not, what is the point of prediction where the ball will hit rotor if after that everything is close to random. I and nobody else can build system for that.
Also what he claims predicting tilt and leveled wheel with same algorithms, is rubbish.
The system can’t know it from clocked timings and from results.

Nothing else we can do. You did your job same as I did mine but there wil always be someone who wil buy his computer and who will listen all his empty promisses.