Victor Yu charging 4000usd for roueltte course

Has anyone paid 4000 usd to attend his course?
Content of his course

  1. Visual ballisitic using FFZ
  2. Bias wheel covering the content of how to visually dectect biased wheel.

Please be aware that victor yu is a scammer. He is charging people for 4000 usd for a course for roulette. He basically reads out contents of books provided by other members of this forum including laurance scott and caleb without really even trying to make up experience he has been having on roulette.

He has the typical characteristic of a scammer and it includes

  1. Using the psychilogy of greediness of people who want to make a fortune by marketing roulette is very easy to make money. In fact, it is not that easy otherwise many people would have done it.

  2. He basically quote from the experts but never really have any experience in roulette and fail to even make an effort in produce evidence from winning money from roulette but just bragging his skills are better than many people and showed a screenshot of his phone notes on winnings.

  3. He basically refuse to refund after i realised he is a scammer and point out his lack of knowledge in roulette and blocked me (typical scammer, my friend just got blocked by a prostitute after paying (her) 200u.s.d up front and she didnt show up. At first, the prostitute asked for more money but my friend realised she is a scammer as she never try to produce evidence of her being physically at the place of my friend. My friend told her she will report to thr police and got blocked).

  4. When i point out he is a scammer, he then try to hide this by blaming me spreading info on roulette ap but infact those are already quite public and you will find those information if you look into it and i believe the wheel designers already know it. However, even they know it, the good news are there are still ways to beat roulette becasue nothing is made and designed perfectly, even airplanes can breakdown(they are meant to be the safe).