VB2/RC - Progression Play?

Hi there,

do you play a progression with vb2 or with the rc?

if i play a number with its four neighbours, i sometimes have a losing streak of more than 10 spins.
so i progress my bets to end uo with a winning.

are your predicitons so good that you dont need to progress oder do you play with progression?
any recommendations for a 4 neighbour play?


If your predictions are good - you will win without progression, if they are bad - progression will not help - better - change settings, do corecttions and try to get good predictions.
Really i play oposite to you when i win - that means that mine predictions are good then i increase bets, when i loss - that means that something is not good i do bets as low as possible and try to get good predictions with corections in mine predictions.

you are right.

but playing nine numbers, the win has to come in the fourth spin. but sometimes the win come after 10 spins.
the ball on european wheels with 12 diamonds bounce very hard so i have to use a big bankroll and play with progression.

maybe i should try without progression and count the overall win at the end of the session.

There few things - main you must detect if play is positive for you, you cant play if game is totally negative for you . Sure are periods when you go to minus and periods when you go to plus. And sometimes progresive betting can give you some benefit, but still you must be sure that you play at leas equal game - not negative game.