VB2 question


Here is one assumption with VB2.
Assume that rotor constant rotor speed at 4.0 sec has the exact same reference time.
So each time you have rotor speed 4.0 then reference time is same.

And if we have rotor speed 3.5 then that particual rotor speed would give another reference time.
But would be same reference time each time you have 3.5 rotor speed.

So each category of rotor speed has its own particualar reference time.
If we could collect numbers to indicate that situation, different reference numbers that indicate what rotor speed and ball speed we have, a sequense of numbers or number pattern for that situation, then we would have the exact same ball speed and rotor movment category for that combination.

So insteed of changing reference time each time rotor change speed you would collect number patterns to match with previos number patterns and have same ball speed and rotor speed.

Same as VB2 but mapping results with number patterns using Thumper/Metronome.



that is rotor 9.25 and 10.5 p/s
The difference 1.25 pockets per second.

If you can predict 10 -13 s before the end of spin you will be floating in between 3 x 1.25 = 3.75 pockets error.
That is acceptable considering that if you missed rotation you are ~10 pockets wrong. If you miss 2 rotations 20 pockets.


Let me explain my thining process with assumptions - not sure if my thinking is correct.

Now i want to make VB2 Visual read as Wheel mapping method.

First i take a dealer release number below reference deflector when ball is over it.
Then my Thumper or Metronome vibrate with 0.5 secound settings.

So if the ball is over reference deflector when i take dealers release number at the moment the thumper/metronome is silent with no vibration, then i use the silent gaps between vibrations as my count.
Then the timming is the same with 0.5 sec between the silent gap between vibrations as if i would use vibration as it self vibrating at 0.5 sec.

This way i can get a silent gap or a vibration with 0.25 ms accuraccy when observing ball at the right moment over the reference deflector when Reading reference number or dealers release number.

Now we wait for rotor to make one full rotation and Count the vibrations during that time.
Then when rotor has made one full rotation ball might have made three rounds/laps and are on its fourt round/lap.
When ball is over release number the rotor has made one full rotation and six pockets and ball has made a Little more then four round/laps.

This match result in for example 36 vibration with 0.5 sec intervalls.


If i later get the same result when measuring the Wheel and it from release number to match with ball over number after rotor made one full rotation with 36 vibration.
I assume that rotor made same travel lenght and ball made same travel lenght and are at same position, ( that ball match release number with six pocket difference from reference deflector) but with different reference number or release number but same position, so distance and offset should be same.

That way i can measuring ball/rotor during any time during the spin as long i start from same position and mapping Wheel with release/vibration sequense pattern to match previos spins and get the same charistics or same spin with same ball/rotor speed and same rotor position.

So i am not saying this is VB2 i just say it has similiar measuring Points.
A way to play without adjusting reference time for each rotor change and just mapping Wheel for release/vibration sequense to repeat.


That is more as checking for DS.