VB2 on faster wheels


Learn how to adjust with different rotor speeds is not easy.

Above you can read about it.
That is one method among others.

With the method i mention above … about how to estimate ball … you can be 10 sec to drop.
As Forester give example off …

When you play with different speeds then scatter patterns become different.
So i recommend playing one speed only at the beginning.
Thats why i think you should pin point out what is the most common speed and play that speed.
You will get the same scatter patterns, ball jumps.

Now you might not play every spin, but get 20 to 40 spins during one evening.
So what should you do between spins.
How about playing a very good wheel signature.


You need all three reference numbers to match pattern with this method.
You can not use only two reference numbers as some one suggest, because then rotor speed can be very different even if pattern match.
I learn that from Bebidiktus regarding other method.


Really VB2 is nothing other than prediction in acrobat menue 3. So really is prediction acordingly some stable ball moving pathern. The only diference that with VB2 we not have sample ( in traditional way ) and look only to ball distance in some time and try to cach some period when diference in balll way in some time = deference in starting point.
So teoretically with VB2 we predict time till ball dropp. But we totally not predict place where ball fall. Because of that not need to talk about “scatter patterns”. We still cant use that, or simply are any scater patherns.
To have chance to win we must have stable falling point or super good compensattions when ball fall not where we expect.


lucky strike, link that u provided does not work.
thx for your advice.


one more problem. Some dealers dont spin ball long enough. so after I measure rotor speed, I might miss the clocking of 1s rev