Using vibration metronome for reference time and VB2

Using vibration metronome for time.
I download one form the market.
Set it to 120 bits/min to give 0.5 sec vibrations.

Clock rotor,
Follow zero; when time starts count it as one vibration.
Then 2,3,4,5, than again 1,2,3,4,5. In total it is 10 vibrations but it is 9 intervals of 0.5 sec which makes it 4.5 s. It is nice time to clock rotor but since I count 5 one set of 5 is 2 sec long and good to use for VB2.

Trying to have same count for rotor and ball to not make mistakes.
After clocked rotor, the difference what rotor make adjust by 2 times or 3 times if predicting earlier.
Then observe to catch the ball at that position and the moment the time starts. Count 5, read number if time started earlier adjust, if time then predict. Getting pulse every 0.5 sec gives many opportunities for ball to come to suitable position, around place where need to start time or perhaps at opposite side then invert result.

Using vibration methronome is very good and in most cases it is better than simply pressing swich when ball pass DD, because when you press in moment when ball pass your reaction mistake is reliatively big, but when you simply look at the ball and fell zaps that reaction mistake is many times smaller.

It’s truth, also something as 30 ms mistake doesn’t make any difference while with clocking it is different ball rotation. But there are other VB disadvantages.