Using larger sectors

One of the biggest problems encountered by aspiring professional gamblers is greed and the belief that they require large edges or expectations.

Having been used to getting an edge of around 0.5% when I played blackjack and now being used to getting not much more than 5-10% with my Betfair algorithms my feeling is that many aspiring roulette players should lower their expectations to more reasonable levels.

One way to do this is to bet larger sectors. For instance by betting a sector of 24 and only being correct 75% of the time will still give you and edge of 9.4% if my maths is correct (using euro wheel). Being correct 80% of the time will give you an edge of 16.6%. These numbers are enormous and if you can’t hit a sector of 24, 75% of the time with a computer you shouldn’t be on that wheel.

Opinions would be interesting.

I don’t see anything being wrong with betting a larger high probability area - i speak to some who in the past bet so much as 15 numbers.
But 24 sounds like it would alternate into the negative area and make it very difficult to place that amount of bets.

Better to attack when the patterns clustering into same high probability area with less wish also allow higher variance.
Lets assume you place seven numbers and you only have to hit twice within six attempts to see how the edge emerge and manifest.

There is a law in Visual Ballistik, IMHO Scott said it, in any case Pierre Basieux,

“The more you are certain that you hit the correct sector, the broader you could bet.”
And that’s true.


I concur, It took me about a year to realize that although playing a flat bet 6-number was mathematically plausible, playing a larger sector was more practical. Many MANY times i would have done all the hard work, walk in with a decent sized bank roll only to have my sectore miss by about 1-2 numbers for as many as 10 spins in a row. It’s madenning but what can you do about it?

One of the other advantages in betting large sectors is that you appear to the casino like a regular punter who makes numerous bets. Also, if you’re like me, its good psychologically to win often, if only a small profit. The downside I suppose is if the casino gets pissed off paying you out too often.

How do you guys even place 15 (let alone 24 chips) out on the betting layout in time? ???

I find it a challenge to get 4 or 5 chips out, once I’ve made my prediction.


In most casinos in the UK you can throw the chips to the dealer and call out ‘neighbour’ bets which cover three numbers at once and then place the others yourself. Or use team play of course.

Ah that great, old “neighbors” bet; How I wish we had those here in the states!!



I also like playing call bets (neighbors) but because of only 3 call bets for the table within the spin and other punters needlessly using some of them or all of them I have to also use colour chips inbetween. So I play with cash chips and colour. If no one calls I call using cash chips and if call bets are taken I place colour. I play typically on average 10 numbers when calling but sometimes overlapping so could also be 7-10 depending. If I place I cover 6-9 numbers.

Yeah, no “neighbors bets” and dealer’s do not place late call bets here where I play. If I can make my predictions quickly enough, I might get him to place 1 or 2 direct bets for me, but only if no one else is making call bets.

The dealer’s will grow tired of placing last second bets and counter this by calling NMB earlier. >:(

Sorry to bump this up but for this year, is betting larger sectors proved to be efficient?

Hi you guy’s.

Just want to let you know that in our Casino, since 2012 (I think) There are electronic roulette tables. So no ship on this table, but till a human that throw the ball. There is a button that you can press, and all the numbers that you will click after will also select the neighbors (2 to the left and 2 to the right). It makes it more easy and faster to make your bets before the table announce no more bets.

Probably coming soon near you?! :wink:

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