Using a metronome to play roulette vuisual prediction

I set a metronome inside my mobile to 1 sec vibration thought to use it for VB2 mostly for rotor.
Strangely the dealer was spinning rotor at 8s/r (very slow) so first I used old way to observe ball with 1 s time intervals.
If I observe at 12 o clock diamond CW direction ball first vibration 12 next one passing 12 since the ball makes more than one rotation in time period of one sec.

When the ball drops close to 1 sec per rotation hardly can see any movement, as once it vibrates at 12 next time the ball is 3-4 cm in front of previous position. But very next rotation the difference was 5-6 pockets. So I used it to predict at that moment. It turned really good better than expected. Since the rotor was so slow there is not much difference even if miss one rotation.

Next dealers were spinning about 6 sec rotor still good. I start getting trouble with 3-4 sec rotor since this was a Cammeg Connoiseur (one with a reasonable ball) but at that speed range they can get strange bouncing.
Also interesting is that in ACW I played ball jumps about 20-25 pockets in CW without jump.

Hi Forester ,
a metronome inside a mobile, that’s what I am looking for.

Now I have a metronome with vibration, it’s as big as a IPhone , it’s to big.
The vibration is very good, the brand CTM-800 Pulsating Metronome and Tuner
with Massage function.
But to big , to dangerous to use in a casino.

Any help for smaller metronomes with vibrations appreciated,
if not here open please PM me.

Thanks in advance for an answer

I download application for android phone, it is free.

but there is many more

There also is some metronome witch allow you to change the vibration duration.
Most phones around 30 Euro works with does and have long battery life.
Don’t forget to set the phone on flight setting, so you can not receive phone calls during play :-X

Have a metronome watch in your pocket also work like clock work …

Many thanks for your help gentlemen.

the best E.H.

I use metronome in an mp3 track, i use headphones in my local casino and there are no problems, im still a newbie but practicing a lot, my metronome is set to 120 bpm.