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Hello everybody. Though I am not new to this website, I can honestly say that I have not taken it seriously because of my stubbornness. I have completely accepted the fact that only three ways to beat roulette is with visual ballistics, Roulette wheel bias, and with the roulette computer. I have always remove the thought of purchasing a roulette computer because of having to shove a earpiece deep inside your ear and walking around with something that is tell you which numbers to play on. As I would like to do visual ballistics this is something that takes a lot of practice and time to become expert at but as most people say on here it’s just better to have the guaranteed accuracy of a roulette computer. I do have a two issues working against me to actually become successful at roulette using a roulette computer.

One is because I live in the United States which pretty much is the majority of the issue that stops me from making money with roulette online. There is only one casino online that lets me play with a live dealer and that’s a The only problem with this which is my second issue is that they close that’s before they begin to spin the ball and from what I know with a roulette computer or visual ballistics you need to get a certain amount of spins before getting a prediction.

I’m sure this somebody from the US that is on here making some good and decent income using either a computer or the visual ballistics. I have strayed away from the thought of Roulette computers for about 8 to 9 months now and maybe somebody has created a new computer that can predict ahead of time or something. What I am asking is just some feedback on will be the best route to go to start making money with roulette.

You are looking to be scammed. Roulette computers can’t predict without parameters as time of rotor and ball rotations. Everything else is rubbish. Dealer signature will not work, and for bias you do not need a computer.

Hi KingsAries,

I too live in the states and face the same issues that you do - although I do not trust online casinos. I’ve had unpleasant experiences of “release of funds pending further investigation”. I’ve seen situations where big winners aren’t paid or the online casinos drag their feet. If you find a safe, proven online place to wager - that would be interesting info. Maybe my experience has kept me away from online gaming too long and these issues are resolved.

Be careful - here in the states the use of a computer in a real brick & mortar casino is punishable by a $10,000 fine and/or 10 years in prison. This law started in 1985 in Nevada and spread to most other regions.

As far as playing VB in real casinos, it is a rare jewel if you can find a “tilted” wheel with a DD strike, so roulette becomes a second or even third option for me. I have found one wheel (out of 4 casinos in my area) where I get a 3 & 6 o’clock DD strike 70+% of the time in the late afternoon.

I’ve been using VB2 to make early predictions and get 4 or 5 chips out in the general sector area. (Yesterday I was hitting an amazing 1 out of 4 trials ;D). VB2 is easy to employ - even if I haven’t played any roulette in a week or two, it comes back quickly. If you have a DD strike, most time is spent finding the correct ref time to use for your observation number.

unfortunately, roulette is just not as popular here stateside as in Europe.
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Thanks for promoting VB2 8)

Thanks for responding guys. What exactly is VB2? Where can I find info on it?


You will need to read through all the threads at this forum to learn more. But VB2 is a visual ballistic method that does not rely on predicting (taking an observation number) on the exact N-x ball revolution on each spin, like traditional VB methods.

With traditional VB, you must predict on the same ball revolution before ball drops from the upper track. Forester has devised a more forgiving method that allows you to predict in about a 4 ball rev range and still get good correlation. He utilizes the linear portion of the ball’s deceleration curve, where for several revolutions, the relationship between the ball and the rotor is linear. But you must discover through trial and error which ref time you need to apply for timing (for me, usually in the 1.0 to 1.4 sec range). This is still easier than regular VB and the amount of error is reduced considerably (due to predicting on the wrong ball rev before drop).

Good luck young Jedi :wink:

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