Upgrading computers in the house with new AMD Ryzen processors


I have 4 desktop computers. One for gaming, two for general use and one as a server for media.
Recently the computer shop emailed me offer 15% discount on the parts to build personal computer, so I thought why not to upgrade. Can build by yourself or they build it for you for $70. Of course I like to do things my way.

I have computers with processor Intel I5 and I7 second generation. It is not that processors improved much in speed but the memory with that processor was about 1000mb/s. New processors are not much faster but the memory runs at 2400mb/s.

Another improvement is with USB. Older USB2 ports have speed 480mb/s while new USB3.0 has 5GB or USB3.1 up to 10gb/s. (blue ones)

With new motherboard I also looked to get USB Type-C. (small rounded connector)
USB Type-C can support a much higher power output up to 100W at 20V and 5A.

All computers use for operating system SSD drives, they are much faster than standard hard drives.
However new technology is always coming. I upgrade them to M.2 which is again about 4 times faster. M.2 is just a board that mounts on top of motherboard.

Using USB3.1 and M.2 I was pleasantly surprised how fast windows and other programs get installed. Also the computer boots very fast.

Ryzen processors don’t have integrated video for now therefore additional video card is required.
While gaming PC uses GTX1080 ($1000) video card to drive 4k monitor other PC don’t need so much power. Other computers use RX460 ($130) is a decent card, it can drive 3 monitors using DVI, HDMI or display port connectors. It is also decent card for gaming.

Casing and power supplies. I wouldn’t go for cases with integrated power supply. Power supplies are important part and they range from $20 to few hundred dollars in price. Getting better PWS on long run is always better. At least rated as “silver” efficacy (~$100), especially if the PC is on all the time. Good PWS protects components better and it is more officiant with power. 10% more officiant supply during few years usage pays for the price difference.

Cooling fans. In usual CPU cooling fan is rubbish and needs replacement but the Ryzen fan is decent one so I did not replace it. (Water cooling I wouldn’t use it is to much trouble and maintenance). I bought few good case fans to make decent air flow in the case and to not have much noise.

Putting it altogether.

It is not hard. Since it is new processors mother board firmware constantly gets update so the first thing was to upgrade it. Without upgrade network didn’t work. Strangely one PC at start always makes 3 fast beeps. In usual it is a memory problem but the PC worked OK and showed the display. I noticed it would sometimes respond slowly. I tested memory but the test was ok. Since there is no logic that identical PC’s behave differently I investigated more.

PC uses 2 x 4Gb sticks of memory inserted in positions 2 and 4. Two memory sticks are better than 1 to utilize both memory channels. When removed one the beeps stopped, when rearranged them they stopped. When placed them back in 2,4 positions regardless which one, motherboard again beeps. So must be something with motherboard.

I looked carefully memory slots on the motherboard. One of them at the bottom had at one place brownish color. With pin I tried to clean it but it moved. On the end it wasn’t paint but about 5mm round piece of foil. After removing it the board did not make 3 beeps any more. I believe it was a solder protect foil used in manufacturing to protect some parts from solder.

Installed all programs (fast). I also use AOMEI Backupper. It is a free program that lets you backup all drive. After installing all programs I make few backups of whole drive, so after few months if get some unwanted problems with PC I just restore backup.

That would be my notes that may helps if someone is looking for a new PC what to look for.

Now can I can build roulette computers faster :rofl: .


Some months ago I was building a new PC-system by myself, here my components:

CPU: Intel I7-5820-K
Cooling: Corsair H115i Liquid cooler
GPU: MSI - GTX 980Ti 6GB
Memory: Corsair DDR4-2133 32GB
SSD: Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512GB
PSU: Corsair AX860i
Case: Corsair Graphite 760T


Thanks Forester,
I use Activ Computers in Hobart for all my work and supply.
The SSD in my laptop has just failed after less than one year and they are fitting a new one under warranty it will be ready tomorrow.
I have ordered a new desktop with Intel i7 ITB SATA HDD and a Samsung SSD and 8Gb RAM and my very first Windows 10 and Office 365.It has 3 x USB3 and 2 x USB2 It should be ready Friday.

I envy you guys who are able to build your own systems. I also run one system with Windows XP because some of my Horse Racing programs are now 25 years old and will not run on 64bit systems and I have never been able to configure compatiblity modes to run them. My best program was developed by a Vietnamese student in the early 90’s and he is now running a gaming development company back in Vietnam and will not provide me support and several of my other money making programs were developed by a brilliant Ukranian who was killed a few years ago in the war.



That’s expensive stuff.
$650 just motherboard. I don’t know how it justifies the price.


Hello Mike,
I believe the whole point of my story was to get M.2 (pronounces “M dot two”) drive instead of SSD.

If it is not to late, better change it. Ask for something as Samsung 960 EVO, ($170) of course if mother board supports it.

If you have windows 7, but on disc not one that comes with the system you still can have free upgrade to windows 10.

I upgraded all computers to Win10, Tried one from older with Vista OEM, that didn’t want to upgrade on new machine.


Very simple… I will use it for a very long time, maybe 15 years or maybe more.
A motherboard is a very underrated part of a PC-system. You can buy a cheap motherboard and you can have it for a long time, but that is luck.


Thanks Forester and yes I am trying to get them to supply with a M.2 SSD as you suggest.


They are going to supply a Samsung 960 EVO as you suggested.

So thank you again for the timely tip.



Things in 15 years change a lot. I changed 6-7 years old mother board to get faster USB, faster memory and m.2. It costs only $130.

It is fast :slight_smile:

One of older SSD i used to change HDD in laptop to boot faster. It is Asus U36 with I5 processor, a bit older laptop but still runs ok.

And 750MG from Asus i connected to modem USB as a central backup.

Server computer has 40TB in HDD :slight_smile: it is to backup internet lol.

One day I was in Telstra shop, they tried to convince me to change cable TV and internet to them. I said you only have 1TB limit download. They tried to convince me that it is enough. When I said I need at least 10TB a month they laughed believing that I do not understand believing that I may be using only 150Gb. Girl said, I give you $10 if I can prove it, as a prove we called my son at home to ask him. He said last month ~17TB and earlier ~22TB.


I am pretty impressed with the speed of this new system.
The boot up takes three or four seconds but an unexpected advantage is that my NBN internet connection improved from 75Mbps to 93Mbps probably due to the improved graphics card.


Maybe network card on the mother board. Graphics card is just for monitors.

SSD form traditional HDD was nice speed improvement, same is with M.2.

Same is when opening programs as Microsoft Word, it opens it in a second.


This can go here, Love my new desk.


Nice stuff, Forester!
You have got a gaming keyboard. :sunglasses:


Yes, Logitech G910. It is because of lights, I can’t type without looking keys.
I like lights and option for programmable keys so I can type directly, Croatian special characters ć,č,š,ž,đ.
For gaming performance I don’t care. Only occasionally playing Counter-strike.

There is another interesting thing.
Newer monitors have option to reduce blue light. Apparently blue light is damaging eyes.

Better option and it works with any monitor is to install F.lux

You can easy set it and it changes intensity during the day.
When I set it and reduce light then I cancel it I really feel my eyes get stubbed by light.