Unlimited new sofware ffa

Hi forester,
unlimeted new sofware ffa, are ok for biased livelled roulette or only roulette unbiased tilt???

new video good!!!

you to make me reduction in price if purchase an other new one ffa?
I am your customer :smiley: :smiley:

FF predicts tilted or leveled wheel.
Bias I call wheels where some numbers come more often then the others, roulette computer is not designed for that.

New unlimited program is good, some say it is easier to use.
But you still need to know English to understand how to use it.
Where are you on msn I do not see you any more?
Sure we can do something , some people have FFZ and few FFA’s.
Maybe they create stereo or even surround sound prediction. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Have some reading at
and see if you can understand.

will FFA work on live automated wheel (with no dealer)?