Unhappy roulette scammers

If you ever wonder why I care and make comments about stupidities some people write and do. This may help you to understand.

Past few years Mark Howe and Steven Hourmouzis constantly trying to close this site. Making all kind of dirty tricks to achieve it. Some of you are probably aware how far they can go.
Stefano recently even accused me of things I have never done and I had to go 2 times to court. Of course in front of judge he couldn’t justify any of his claims and looked as an idiot.

It was free shot on government’s expenses; believe it or not he accused me of stalking and following him. I live 1800 km from him. I have to admit it this guy is full of dirty ideas. Embarrassment in front of judge still did not stop him to go around forums and write nonsense about me, and I really have no intention to argue on public forums with him. When they can’t compete with product what else they can do.

Mark is doing the same. Recently he made official complaint that it is copyright material because someone at this forum wrote how he ordered goods from him and never received it. Since when it is a copyright issue, but for Mark it doesn’t matter.

Today he made another complaint that I am distributing his software. Guy is total nonsense, it is obvious to everybody who spent some time here that his software is useless, so even if he pays me to use it why would I or anybody else use slow Java program if we have 1000 times faster FFA.

There is many posts here with my explanations why mobile phones programmed with Java are useless. All complains they make are only to give me hard time.

Can you believe he sent email to my host provider insisting that he has to close myrulet.com site and he lists all others sites where his software is published by his unhappy customer without any link to myrulet.com. No matter how nonsense it is it still gives more work to my provider which is not pleasant for anybody.

I understand Mark and Stefano’s frustrations but is not my problem if in all past years they couldn’t make anything useful. All they do making hundreds of web sites to discredit others, complaining winging etc.

Once you have reasonable computer and reasonable amount of users there is no need for advertisements. Each user has friends and good word spreads around.

They are crazy scammers.

Mark is not so bad until now he complained only two times. :wink:

Stefano probably 20 times.

Now they are already aware of them.

Once you have reasonable computer and reasonable amount of users there is no need for advertisements. Each user has friends and good word spreads around.


keep up the good work mate your known all around the world,and to most that dont know you ,they speak well of you…

I met VB guy in XXXXXXXXX and he said he had no dealings with nor did he know of anyone that had but could just simply see by your forum that your geuine

as you know and many long time mebers know ,that i did very extensive search to find ONE bad bit of info on you even trying to coherce conversations but you came up clean mate

so word of mouth is wil and has always been the best way

since being a member here ive been contacted and met three mebers here and showed them LIVE FFa in actionsince that 2 of them made orders,they must be happy cos like most that buy,you never here from them again

I shall now repeat my offer to ALL, if you want to meet and get live demo and also try before you buy then PM me/EU only)

I do require small expences

XXXX spent 3 days with me,he only planed 2 day visit but was so impressed he booked another day for more practice.he is now the proud ownwer of the FFa-u

Forester…keep up the good work and thx for all that you have done for us

regards from



Thanks mate, I noticed there’s significant amount of scammer’s activity past few days.
This clears it up a bit.
You forgot to say that you are in EU.

I know that you are back from your gambling trip.
So load new program for FFA and be prepared for shock.

Also if you have time write me full procedure of that wheel we talked about.
We will see what we can do.

I am going back to work on FFV and new FFZ.
Yesterday I received new boards and assembled first unit, soon I will show you pictures in support section. It is 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

well, those scammers try to do it little clever:

The price of our roulette system is increasing from US$2500 to
US$3500 at the end of this week (Friday 12th February).

While we understand and regret this puts the system out of reach
for many, unfortunately the $2500 system price is not financially
viable for us. This is because we only have limited time, and the
time we spend training roulette computer partners is far more
profitable and more viable than the one-time payment of $2500 for
the system (see details of roulette computer partnership at
and details GW
of the system at GW.

We are not taking further system partners (profit-split), but
rather than completely cease taking new system players, we prefer
the option of simply raising the system price to US$3500.

The price rise will take effect Friday 12th February, which is
Friday this week. If you have any questions, you may respond to
this email, or call us personally this Thursday from 9am AEST

  • if you can’t reach us
    by phone or skype, chances are we are on another call so please
    keep trying or schedule a specific time via email.

If you wish to proceed with the current price of US$2500,
payment needs to be made before Friday 12th February.

Heheheh, it looks from 12th you will be $1000 richer.

The problem is that you have to print it to wipe your ass with it.

Mark is also complaining to me. Here are his emails:

"Hey fool

You are played a very dangerous game Tony, Very dangerous, you are a very stupid and silly little person. You only live in Europe.

I will not mess with you any more. All casinos have your details now and I have got a lovely surprise coming your way."


You are a very stupid person if you think you will get away with what you have done distributing my software. Not only is it highly illegal, but I know where you live :slight_smile: you left to many clues!

Dumb, really dumb!"

Funny as usual

And i supply my software for free :stuck_out_tongue: