Understanding Vb or other system in paralell with betting time

hello guys i have studied the previous week about how vb or every other roulette computer work
I fully understand all the theory behind dominant diamonds charts etc… The only thing i fail to understand is how:

  1. Despite knowing the avg scatter of the ball, which is the dominant diamond, etc… how can we predict which number will be below the dominant diamond aka “reference number” at the certain point we should measure it with the eye or with some other systems.
    2)And without knowing that number how do we have time to bet before the betting time is over

Thanks in advance…

If you can detect when the ball has particular speed during the spin, than you can expect to have equal remaining time until it drops. For example you can have a timer with 1s time interval. At one pulse you see the ball at same position as on the second one. It means it is about 1s/rotation. After that the ball say travels 10s to hit dd. If you know rotor speed you can calculate how much it would move. In practical play you may read number when the ball is at particular moment in the spin then read the number when it hits the DD, and see the difference.