Understanding of adjustment

Roulette wheel/ball system is open to external infuence. While tending to the balance , it’s still a subject of changes that affect that balance.
There are 2 “schools” of adjustment in vb comunity with its followers and methods… both of them are good for something and useless for something else.
1. Adjustment to the strike point . Assumptions : ball jump may be repetitive , it will have some mod value wich to target. How to use? Look when ball jump and ball strikes to diamond are consistent with your prediction.
2. Adjustment for final number. Assumptions : Ball jump from different points will be compensated by strike position and resulting number is likely to be in similar relative distances from prediction.
Both do have their strong and weak sides, both are useless in real play.
These outdated ways of thinking were created for deep pokets wheels, they simply do not correspond reality anymore. So how to choose between bad and worst?
We have to understand where our target itself is located. I modern times 3 pin wheel is reality, ball may take different time to arrive same diamond or take same time to arrive to different diamond… looks crazy isn’t it? Wich diamond to choose as a target and how to maintain accuracy in this case, that is a qwestion number 1.
Answer for this qwestion is in front of every bodies eyes , it’s being shown in every spin for these who wanna see, reflected in their prediction to outcome charts, assuming you are doing one. It’'s dispersion. What do we target in our vb is not some mistical final number positon, but dispersion of distances from prediction to outcome. What we attack is dispersion, cover with bets is dispersion zone , analyse in data is overlaps of posible dispersions, what we limit with our vb strategy is dispersion also.
You may "tale chase " trying to adjust your predictons to "random " points inside of dispercion of distances (prediction/strike, or prediction/ outcome), or embrace dispersion as reality and treat it as dispersion . I’m looking for individuals who does understand a problem , these interested in solutions may contact me.