Unable to downoad DOC or PDF files

Hi everybody

I am unable to open myruletV2.doc Word is saying that it is unable to open the file because it may be corrupt. (I am using Word 2007)

Also tried to download VB2A.DOCX or PDF, but nowhere to click to download. Anybody can tell me where I have to go to get this file?

Thank you.

I downlouded and all was good, really downlouded only PDF.

Sorry , not sure what you downlouded, only after noticed that this is related to VB2, But description of it must be somewhere in forum if not found then simply ask Forester- he will help get PDF.

Ok, I asked Forester.

This is where I was trying to get it:

ok i see that not work - so best ask forester.

You need to log in, if doc doesn’t work download pdf format.
You can also try http://rouletteplace.com/index.php?topic=562.msg4874#msg4874 at the bottom you have documents attached, I just added pdf file.

It is more explained in the forums VB2 section.