Training instructors for FF roulette computer needed

"I would ask if you know someone who bought the same roulette computer here in europe and can handle it perfect. I would like to have a contact who can teach the details of the FFA. If you know someone, you can give him my email. Of cause I would pay for the “ffa-seminar”

I know that for someone who mastered the FF roulette computer this may not be attractive offer and that you may prefer to mind your own business for own safety and confidentiality. But the offer is still worth consideration.
Also I know there are some people with grate systems knowledge who talk about system more then what they use it (at least by my knowledge).

So I would like everyone to invite who is prepared to give small trainings on FFA, FFZ or FFV. Just contact me, some people prefer to pay and to speed there process of learning FF and how advantage is achieved when using any of systems.
Small one to one explanation is the best way to learn.

Sure the best is if you are located close to the person.
Name you price and arrange something in between two of you.
Have in mind that person who you teach is not my friend and it can be anyone from this planet.

I only need few of you located at different places who are willing to do it. The deal is in between two of you and it has nothing to do with me. I would still like to get feedback from both of you.

By the way within next few months I am planning to go to Europe, only for few weeks but I wouldn’t be able to spend time teaching system.

People with this kind of look have advantage

[quote=“Forester, post:1, topic:448”][b][size=12pt][color=blue]

People with this kind of look have advantage


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Which country?

You can answer on PM if that is considered as confidential.


close to you, but not sure if it is north or south part

Yes i would do that, but i got some requirements
You must be:

[ul][li]A girl[/li]
[li]Young and hot[/li][/ul]

[quote=“Fatgambler, post:7, topic:448”]Yes i would do that, but i got some requirements
You must be:

[ul][li]A girl[/li]
[li]Young and hot[/li][/ul][/quote]

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there is some girl that buy the FFA-U or the FFZ ??

As ive said before

ill gladely do it but it will be done under my terms

be prepared to pay expenses etc

just pm me