To VB Players: Would you play this wheel?

Hello fellow AP’s,

Here’s some data on a wheel, (scatter, and DD’s in both directions). Wheel is between 3.5-4 seconds per rotation. I know theres not enough spins, (i think around 120 or so) but based on the available data, Do you think this wheel is beatable? would you play this wheel? if so how would you play it?


take some more samples and if conditions are same then play

I’ll tell you at the end of the month ;D

Easier graphs for understanding.
When there is no enough data.
Add neighbor position data than divide by 3.

For example
Position 5, add 4,5 and 6 together then divide by 3, same for other positions . With XL is easy just when you come to last positions you have to edit it 0,1 and 36.
I counted 106 spins. Multiplied data by 100 then divided by 106. So it is always looked as data for 100 spins. Added line 100/36 which need to be crossed to win.
And here we go.

Also you have had only 36 positions, your wheel has 37.

Gambler next time you chart, then make a small note of the scatter to the strike pin like this: (just add the amout of inputs at each pin to get how many strikes you have at each pin.

Vertical pins

Pin 1: 8, 11, 7, 15, 12

Pin 3: 5, 1, 6,

Pin 5:…

Pin 7:

Horisontal pins:

Pin 2

Pin 4


The purpose is to make an overlay when you are done. In this case you see that the bounce is slightly longer when the ball hits pin 1 and slightly shorter at pin 3, which means that it MIGHT not be important wether the ball strikes pin 1 or pin 3 because they might end up in the same sector.

If you mix the scatter up in one great bowl of scatters, you might miss opportunitys. Of course as secondary analysis, you can make a total bounce count as you have done yourself. Just remember, especially on a semi tilted wheel, there might be a difference in the scatter which is “strike pin dependend”

yes the correct way is to chart the scatter that the dominiand dianond produces.
In the past when i was playing some VB and RC I was recording every diamond scatter seperate.

If 2 diamonds(or even 3) are producing the same overlap position when the rotor speed helps , then the advantage is growing dramaticaly.

Is that one of 2 wheels you were telling me about? Please PM me the number I am going to see it same as the other one in HR.

From graph I made you can see at pick point the max possible advantage ~300%.
But if you look it as across 14 pockets position 10-24 it averages at 80%.
You have DD 6 and 2 side diamonds 3 and 9. Form side diamonds I expect only 50% proper hits but since advantage is 14 pockets and slower rotor it could be more.

Bad/Good news, I know that i did not have enough spins, but i still decided to play this wheel today.
Bad news is it started out badly, lost 9 spins in a row, around 5 of them missed by a few pockets. I then decided only to play hte slower wheel speeds, and the bounce became more manageable. I managed to make my money back, but this wheel is very tricky… i will take some more data and decide whether to play it again or not.

I made a post about your wheels in forums support section.