To forester or who can help about that

Hello forester we spoke several years ago about rc and ap . I send you a mail at forester74… because i dont find the forum.
I am from argentina. Now i am studying a roulette and i want you opinion .
I am not newbie about roulette and visual ballistic and not new about roulettes or advantage .
I am from argentina and i am studying a roulette.
Sorry for my english is poor.
It has 6 diamonds . Has 1, 2 and 3 dominant drop points. It has not dd at all.
The roulette is online live roulette.
This roulette is 4 sevonds exactly every time . Clockwise ball and anticlockwise it has the same time and has not acceleration in spins.
We have from 8 to 10 seconds to make a choice.
Then comes the no.more bets call.
The rotor speed is exactly 4 seconds always so i can know what number is under (x) hour every time .
I dont use rc. I use only a metronome.
The roulette has a laser at 7 hours and call nmb before the ball makes 7 or 8 spins more.
I use visual ballistic and i can do same as the laser sensor or more. I know about crossover patterns and visual ballistic .
The roulette makes from 18 to 21 spins in the 80% times and then ball fall into the number.
The jump ball is about 6 to 12 numbers always .
I can have 1 to 2 sd in my predictions but i can not get 3 sd on it.
I know that i have not a dd and its a problem because then maybe it will be easier.
I have tried whit patterns and spins of ball. I have tried with 1 seconds metronome . 2 seconds 1.5. And more.
My question cn i have more sd with this case and what are your recomendations. …
If i choose only a half of roulette i win 5 /10 or 6/10 or 7/ 10 or 8/10 . Not more. But… maybe i make 3/10 or 2/10 because we dont controll the jump if it is qnticlock or if my prediction is 0 distance to 19 distance and the winner is 36 distance only one left. Thank you for your time.

No one?

hi the problem with people playing roulette either in casino or online is that they don’t understand the mathematics behind the roulette machine. My friend raul, let me help you forget about rotor speed, lasers and whatever, my dear the roulette is calculating its numbers when you play (we call that number roulette seed number). I am a mathematician and I have found out the formula for seed number. I you want me to proof, RECORD a total of 20 numbers for your own, then send me three numbers ONLY then I will show you what is next number to play. example if you send me 23-36-7-……? I will tell you what is next number.

In short do the following:

  1. record 20 numbers
  2. send me only 3 numbers, then will tell you what is the 4th number coming
  3. we continue until all 20 numbers played.

thank you from Pat Theks (always when you want to win at roulette record previous spin results and study them at home)

Ok. But i play only with advantage and i dont see advantage in your system. Ballistic is real and bias too.
Let me understand do you say that i give you 3 numbers only and you give me what number is going to win. Is that? Ok : number 33, 15, 25… and the next winner is…?

Hi Nico.

What is exactly your problem? Are you getting good hits to rotor? Is that distance constant?

Did you check if the wheel has rrs system incorporated in rotor?


Hi manuelon
Rrs system what does mean? If it makes differences in speed of rotor? No . The rotor is constant speed . Always 4 seconds.

Did you check that in each revolution of the same spin rotor speed was making 4 sec per revolutio ? Are you sure?

The problem is that i want more accuracy in predictions. But i dont know for example :
Details that make the difference.
If i take time im metronome at same time at first and i have ball and number 0 under the ball. Ball is.clockwise.
I take the second time in metronome and i have number 10. From this 2 numbers who is the correct for my prediction.
I or other example. First time number 0 second time number 7. Thats okey it is more slow. In this case number 7.
There are cases that the crossover patterns are moving around . Example 0-10 . 4-20 . In this case i think that i have to wait that the ball makes a.difference in speed.
How influences 1 or 2 or 3 numbers difference in crossover patterns at number . What is the best time to use in this cases. How.many numbers in patterns compensate the prediction?
Its explain because my english is poor.
I play ballistic from different forms. With patterns. Seeing the desacelation of the ball and vb2 i think . This roulette in particular i have being studied it for 2 months . I have an advantage but it is not more than 3 sd.

Yes manuelon i am sure of that.

Levelled wheel and early predictions, but you have other conditions good. RC or even visual prediction E2 with timer may give you the edge