Tired of a metronome?

I’ve gotten a couple PM’s lately and this topic has come up. So rather than repeating myself I will share it with all of you.

Simplest and most effective way to recreate a metronome IS NOT A CADENCE! I used to use them and they can work, but they are not as accurate and they can be difficult to know when you are off by a tenth or fifth of a second. Practicing your cadence over and over will help, but I have a better idea.

All you need is a calculator or metronome, an internet connection, and a lap timer to check the accuracy.

If you have a metronome already, all you need to do is find out what kind of BPM you prefer to use on your wheel. If it is a low one, you may have to double it once or twice to find a decent BPM to search for. For example, if you use 60 BPM you may have to jump to 120 BPM. If you don’t have a metronome then you will have to figure out how long your timing will fit into one minute and try find your BPM that way.

There is this wonderful website called YouTube which has no shortage of videos to choose from. All you have to search is “120 BPM songs”. Make sure you check them against a real metronome to be sure that they are true 120 BPM or whatever you are shooting for.

You should be able to shop around and find a decent song that you can live with or learn to fall in love with. If you can download it and add it to your Phone, Ipod, or CD you can listen to this song whenever you want and you basically have a metronome right there. I don’t know about you, but memorizing a beat to a cool song is much easier and funner to do than some goofy sounding cadence. And we can all admit that there has never been a cadence shared on this forum that actually sounded cool.

Anyway, most people are plugged in to some kind of gizmo so it wouldn’t look completely strange to listen to music the odd time while you are “Waiting for someone”. So when you notice your hit rate drops from where it used to be, go to the bathroom, listen to your song and find your rhythm and head back and see where you are at.

You would be amazed at how precise your accuracy can get even one or two times listening to your song!

Good luck!

there is a song " Today we have fun" and the refrain always Hooo,jahooo,jaho (short),
just 2.5 seconds, the time I use to identify 2 certain ball rounds .I like this song much.

is this similar to what you mean ?


You are close, but then you are dealing with a specific part of the song such as the refrain. I am referring to the tempo of the song so the ENTIRE song is basically your cadence.

The song I use has a base kick to a specific BPM that is what I use for my cadence. All I have to do is listen to the song once and I am set for a good 15-20 minutes without a tune up (Assuming I need one). I’m talking about accuracy to the 20th of a second. I know I am off if I am experiencing 1 10th of a second of error. Funny thing is I hadn’t listened to the song in a few months and just for the hell of it I wanted to test to see if I still could time 1 second exactly. Using the online stopwatch I tried it four times and got 3 .999’s in a row and 1 1.014. I thought I never hit the clear button each time but I knew for sure I was hitting the start button each time. My other cadences are no where near that accurate.

It’s easy to listen to a song real quick and get back into the groove but trying to repeat a phrase isn’t as easy. You blood flow and heart rate will change when you play and that in itself can change how you will say a phrase. But if it is an entire song, it’s much more stable.

BTW, again you are talking about a 2.5 sec cadence that is an odd sound. “Hooo, jahooo, jaho” That’s all well and good if it works for you but I find that when the entire lyrics are in actual English (or your mother tongue) it works as good and often better. That way I can sing throughout the entire length of the song and accurately time 1 sec or 2 second intervals easily. But that’s just me.

I took the time and found out some cool songs mostly ambient and lounge genres you might like…

the first couple 4 are the best i could find just ad www in front - i didnt want the video to pop up in the post and look ugly and take space…