Thumper device

Hi all,

I am looking for a thumper device like shown in Scott’s Vol. II
the new Generation.
Any link or shop appreciated. Must be shipped to Germany.

What I have now is a big pulsing metronome, very reliable, but to
big, like this :

Pulsing metronome & tuner -PMT-2008

CODE: PMT-2008
Price: € 39.00 (€ 39.00 inc tax)

Sorry the picture is away.

Thanks in advance for an answer.


Did you tried converting mobile phone into metronome with free metronome application?

I am using it, works good :slight_smile:


Laurance Scott uses 555 timer. The time period is defined by resistance and capacitance. Change in temperature, humidity or capacitance due to placement of the unit may cause reference time to drift.

When it was published I assume there wasn’t any good thumper applications for mobile phones.
You can get some mobile metronome applications for mobile that will make vibrations at desired time, and some of them will work even when the screen is off.

You can buy a metronome watch if you want.
They stop vibrate after 15 min - because to save battery life - but you just have to touch one button and it continue to vibrate.
You can have in on the arm or in your pocket.

I have two - thanks to Davey_Jones :slight_smile:

The other option is to use mobile phone - just load thumper into phone.

You have to turn your mobile into flight mode before using it - that way no one can call you during play LOL hehehe


That is one huge metronome LOL :o

Many thanks gentlemen for your help !

IMHO you misunderstand me.
It’s as if someone is looking for a motor and people offer him a whole car.

What I need is only the small pulsing electronic part.

I have a VB pupil, he lives near the alps an alpinist, on one tour his toes
were chilled through.
So he needs the tactile switch for the fingers.

I found a very small tactile switch , for 0,45 Euro

near my home.

Now I want to connect the switch by a wire with the small pulsing part.
We found out that the best place for this tool is eighter at the neck near the wishbone under the shirt.
or under the armpit.
And the switch at the beginning of the pocket of his pants.
The best would be one switch at every pocket.

Now he uses the big pulsing metronome above in his pocket.

regards E.H:

I Found one