This is probably a dumb question but

… why don’t we go for “leveled wheels”?
I know that for a true advantage a bias wheel is what to look for but since we are able to register rotor speed, ball speed and such and people have already developed physics/math models for roulette, shouldn’t we go for leveled wheels?
Besides the existence of an unexpected ball scatter I don’t quite understand why leveled wheels are “of limits” to players wanting a little more edge over the house. Could someone clarify this for me?

... why don't we go for "leveled wheels"?
We do! For leveled wheel good device as FF is required, or at list accurate timer then try to implement something as myrulet E2 system. FF roulette computer always have had an option of predicting roulette leveled wheel. Only the FF Acrobat doesn’t have. It’s because it is completely new approach, and I didn’t have time to do it, also wanted to see how the Acrobat will perform in the field. It will be done soon. Theoretically the Acrobat can predict and leveled wheel but it is not the best way to do it. Recently I explained it in support section but I believe something and here.,1481