Thinking of buying a roulette computer from myrulet?

Do it.

Two weeks ago i was in the same situation.
First sign up for the VB2 section and bought a RC few days later.

All i can say is: Support from day 1, answers of all your questions, pleasent contact with the seller, fast delivery and a very good product with updates for free.

I recommend it.

When you are new in gambling and still can control your game, consider to quit and forget about casinos.

If you still want to play or, you have to play means you are compulsive gambler, have problems with controlling game and your stuck, I strongly recommend to learn advance play with roulette computer, and if RC for sure RC from Forester.

I personally can go to casino with money, and I mast not to play. I, compulsive gambler can control my stuck and I’m playing only when I can gain advantage, only reasonable big advantage. People (other gamblers) who knows me from the past, recognize me as healthy man. I can quit game with small lose, I can quit with small wins if there are no time for play. I’m patient player, advantage even seldom but proved in practice gives me power to be patient. All thanks to Foresters “toys”.