The story about Master Myrulet VB2 visual prediction

The story about Master Myrulet VB2 visual prediction.

I spent so many days, months and years analyzing video spins and playing in casinos.
VB2 is result of all my knowledge gained analyzing other visual prediction methods and everything I learned designing and improving roulette computers. In past few years I made good relationship with the best VB players in the world. Most of you probably have heard about them or perhaps about big wins they made. I am reasonably familiar with VB they play (If they were lying to me then perhaps I wouldn’t be).

VB2 is a system I designed for myself so it is always with me and I can perfectly legally use it in any casino. I worked on VB2 intensively when some people who call themselves my competitors, supplied my name to casinos. (fair play, lol) That isn’t important, as some people may say, what doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.
As a result come out great VB2 and even better FFA. New FFA’s software predicts at any time during the spin and as many times as you want. Multiple predictions during single spin allows user to see for himself with which speed and accuracy the system can handle everything.

Is VB2 the best?
Of course by my opinion it is, other way I would some other methods.
But that may not be someone else’s opinion. Each VB has its own advantages and disadvantages.
VB2 is designed to be easiest to apply and still to be very efficient. It rectifies many mistakes what traditional VB player may make during the play.

When I published system basics, a friend of mine who is also familiar with a system told me that I am crazy.
I replayed to him, that he shouldn’t worry, 99.9% of people will not understand it. I published it so it is there for someone who is bright enough and who wants to learn and to see visual prediction from different angle then what he could find in any book or from system sellers.

VB2 is not really for sale. Instead of that I just added it to separate forum section where people can subscribe for discussion. Reason for that is that without proper support and explanation of particular part that you can’t understand there is no book that can teach you well enough.

Subscription price is very reasonable anybody can subscribe by logging in and going to "profile’. Subscribing lets you to read more about VB2 and to ask many questions as you like.
VB2 is only a VB, same as any other VB systems, it will never match with roulette computers, but as I already mentioned, VB can always be with you and it’s perfectly legal.
VB2 is an advanced system, you may need some basic understanding of tilted wheel prediction.

How many spins do you need in order to define a ‘tilted’ wheel and what %age of them need to hit one particular diamond ?

It probably depends how sure you want to be.
In usual it doesn’t go that way, since some wheels you just know that they are tilted for months, even casinos are leveling them on daily bases.
So you just come and play.
Also till can change in intensity.

I’m a little more anal than that and like numbers to work with. I can’t handle comments like ‘you just know its tilted’. Possibly because of my maths background. Different strokes for different folks, eh ?

BTW, I failed to say how I much like the look of VB2. Looks good and I’ll try it out with a DVD.

Another BTW, why can’t you edit posts for a few mins after posting them ?

I know but what do you want me to tell you.
Whatever I tell you could be wrong.

I just took 4 wheels and track them at same time for about 50 spins.
2 showed tilt, but one was giving to many spinners since the ball likes to drop to horizontal D.
So remaining one stayed tilted for more then a year.

That is the most common scenario for me and I know that many players have similar situation.

BTW, I failed to say how I much like the look of VB2. Looks good and I’ll try it out with a DVD.

VB2 is very easy, I can play it for hours. Very smart system : -)

I can’t set time control. I do not want someone comes and removes all his posts.
Only Support members can do it.