The reason you all went the first time to win?

Guess this question has never been asked on the forums… :slight_smile:

Whats the first thing that made you want to play so you could buy it with the money you won…

After my first couple wins which were small and on food and drinks…i wanted to go again after and save enough so i could by some Armani clothes and Paciotti shoes…and i did after some couple of sessions :smiley:

I know we all have bigger plans and intentions now … but what about the first time , anyone? 8)

I spent my first win with an escort girl!

I am still spending most of the winnings in this way ;D ;D

My first win was 5 pounds

I couldnt find and escort for 5 pounds so I had a Kebab instead :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

[quote=“rremoroulette, post:2, topic:855”]I spent my first win with an escort girl!

I am still spending most of the winnings in this way ;D ;D[/quote]

The same… And drunk ^^ :wink:

HAHA, good post.
I was 20, played basic dealer signature without much understanding, still winning about $50 a night.
It was enough for me and my friends to get drunk. At that time and place 1L of brandy cost $3 in shop so in bars it was about $10. There wasn’t escort girls but there were other girls.

Good question, and this is god’s honest truth.

Had major issues with my ex, and she left the family home taking the kids.

So to drown my sorrows I went to Adelaide casino late 2006, I concocted some roulette system covering 28 numbers, the losing numbers were all evenly spaced apart to prevent the dealer section spinning against me. I did post the system on GG and as usual it got lambasted.

Anyway flat betting using $25 chips, 6 on the 1st Col and 8 splits costing me $350 per spin, I had no idea how I was doing, as I was pocketing the chips, all I kept an eye on was, I needed 3.5 wins to recoup after any loss. I vividly remember the croupier was a trainee, friendly as anything, the table was busy with it being a Friday. After many hours I called it a night and made my way to the cashier, low and behold I made roughly $5k.

Feeing rather chuffed and not thinking about my ex in the slightest, I went back Sat night and I repeated my success. Not bad for two nights, $10k profit. Of course I now didn’t give a shit about the ex, and was only thinking of how much money I would make.

Sunday night, went looking for the same croupier, couldn’t spot her anywhere, instead all these strange faces I hadn’t noticed before, so what, the system works, give it ago, bad move. Got my ass handed to me on a plate, can’t remember the damage done, but still in profit.

Unfortunately to overcome the 3.5 wins to recoup, I decided to fast track that part by doubling up after any loss, the worst thing I could have done. Maybe the casino got wise to why their take wasn’t as expected, or the clocked me cashing out, who knows, I was a novice gambler.

Because my system was fixed, one of losing numbers was 24. Again a night I will never forget, the twat of a dealer was named Robert. Anyway I put $350 on the layout, 24 hits, so I’m thinking bad start, double everything up, now $700 on the table, 24 hits again, major WTF. Double up again $1400 on the table, I paid no attention to the Robert or the spin, because I walked away to stub out a cigarette, came back to the table and 24 hit again. Then Robert kinda let the cat of the bag, looked me directly in the eye and said to me “what were the odds in that”? The way he said it, was enough for me to deduce it all was deliberate and calculated.

No doubt Robert got employee of the month, his nice gold bracelet and picture on the wall, which happens at Sky Shitty when they are ranked as “being good for the casino”???

It was a harsh lesson learnt, to the tune of 20k, have only dabbled with Roulette since, I prefer to stay away from casino games where the dealers influence each outcome, I’ve seen and heard too much over the years to ever trust them to give me a fair and random spin, like I say I was a newbie, if I ever played roulette, I would bet after ball release etc.

I did recoup that $20k, albeit at the Baccarat tables.

I believe it was something that just happens.
If you played column and splits the distribution of numbers is everywhere on the wheel.
The dealer simply cannot target numbers in between them.

Perhaps he may target area with number 24 but next to it are 5,10,23,16 where some of them you covered. It is only a coincidence that the ball stopped at 24 but not on 23, 5,10 or 16.
If approach you used is valid it would be possible to us it on many more tables with all kind of dealers.
Until now there is no such approach that is successful in usual it ends on that way. With or without that dealer I do not see reason why such approach would be successful.

Sorry have to disagree on that, also it was back 2004 not 2006 (before the smoking ban came into effect). All my losing numbers were covered by 3 winning numbers either side.

Perhaps the wheels were tilted to make it easy for the dealers, I don’t know. Another incident at the same casino, I was winning, for no reason they sent in another dealer, not a normal shift change. I heard it as plain as day, the miserable pit boss said to the dealer, put it on 6. So I’m thinking, if he gets ‘anywhere’ near 6 I’m off to a different table. First spin from this guy 6 hits.

(the same fat slob of a pit boss, who said to me after dropping a few K in my lunch hour at the Baccarat tables, “A few more them them” as I left??? Went back after work, won all my money back and then some, so made a beeline for him, and said the same back " a few more of them", before heading to the cashier)

The thing is, there is great incentive for dealers to take down certain players at Sky Shitty, i.e loyalty rewards, you see the dealers with gold bracelets courtesy of their employee of the month rewards, plus when they are ranked as being good for the casino, they get promoted to the VIP rooms, so don’t have to deal to the riff raft. I also heard of a dealer were an arrangement was made through a friend of a friend in the VIP room for somebody who was getting married. Money exchanged hands and the players left $10k up to the good, until he was signalled, enough was enough, time to leave.

I’ve battled dealers all over Oz, Canberra in particular, dealers coming to the table and asking the pit boss, “are we in trouble”, in other words, “is he (me) winning”. If only takes them a short time to figure how you are playing, in Canberra in particular they used to set me up, knowing too well what I waited for before betting, then repeatedly within the same ‘4’ number table layout.

Another example, in Sky Shitty Auckland 2004, again being a bit green behind the ears, I’m playing a 4 step Martingale on all 3 EC’s at the same time. I lost 4 spins in a row with the use of the zero. When is the last time you saw the same 4 EC’s repeat? I don’t think I have ever seen that since!!! However more alarming was the comment the dealer said to the smirking pit boss after he cleaned me out, “maybe I’m being too hard on him”.

Again Sky Shitty Auckland, I’m betting columns 1 & 3 with the usual triple up, some Maori bitch deliberately aims for the zero, missed that by one pocket, so wasn’t sure if I had lost or not. When she realised I still lost, she couldn’t contain herself, and turned to the embarrassed pit boss and shouted pretty loud, “I got him”. When it comes to roulette it is open war-fare, and if your turning the tables via clandestine means, devices or outright cheating, then I wish you the best.

I’ve seen this guy in Canberra (people told me he plays roulette for a living), betting $100 chips, literally rip the dealers to pieces every time he won. He would say “aiming for the zero”, he would have a $100 chip buried under the rest of the punters chips. I’ve never witnessed anybody rub it to the dealers and get away with it like this guy did. If he hit straight up with a split, he would bark at them, that’s $5200, you never got me". Other players were cheering him on, as he played two tables at once, sometimes he even told the dealers, if he had just won on the adjacent table, mocking them how much he just got paid, adding the total of the two winning tables and shouting the amount at the dealers.

It was brilliant to watch, the dealers in all honesty were spewing along with the pit bosses and people that knew him simply laughed. Absolutely great when you can pull it off.

[quote=“forester, post:7, topic:855”]I believe it was something that just happens.
If you played column and splits the distribution of numbers is everywhere on the wheel.
The dealer simply cannot target numbers in between them.

Perhaps he may target area with number 24 but next to it are 5,10,23,16 where some of them you covered. It is only a coincidence that the ball stopped at 24 but not on 23, 5,10 or 16.
If approach you used is valid it would be possible to us it on many more tables with all kind of dealers.
Until now there is no such approach that is successful in usual it ends on that way. With or without that dealer I do not see reason why such approach would be successful.[/quote]Just wanted to add, the numbers 23, 5, 10 and 16 were winning numbers for me. I’ve tried this method a few times since, on live tables and air-ball machines without success. Obviously getting hit by a triple spin from the offset plus comments made, make me highly suspicious that it was just a freak occurrence. There was a marked difference from the first two nights and subsequent sessions. On the first two nights, the croupier had little experience and did not look at the wheel prior to releasing the ball, other times, dealers were paying too much attention to the marquee, staring into the wheel etc.

Perhaps the dealer can target particular sector but there is no way to target particular pocket. When the ball jumps tell me one reason how the dealer can influence it to jump on 24 and not on 23,10,5 or 16 which are next to the number 24.

I’ve no idea, perhaps they are so good the can avoid the ball jumping.

Here are another two examples in the UK, couple of guys walking around the tables simply betting two columns out of three at £25 per column, they were winning quite a lot. Dealers started noticing them, all of a sudden each of the 4 tables suddenly started showing clusters of zero’s, so I said to them, they are now spinning against you, “why would they do that” was the response, “because they can” I answered.

Another place, were me and a friend had stopped playing, as it was becoming too much of a struggle. Dealer spins zero, we were chatting to each other, so he says to us, I’m gonna try and spin 007 because I haven’t done that for some time, next spin Zero, so he now says, next I’m going to for the 7, nobody was betting, he missed the 7 by one pocket. So nobody is saying they can do it 100% of the time, but an experienced croupier definitely has the ability to take you down if they want and the casino will assist them any way they can.

Few years back I was doing rather well playing the EC’s, basically winning on a daily basis for an entire month, then I went in and because I was playing so often, you get use to the sound of the ball etc. Something didn’t seem right, took me a while to suss out the change, basically Genting had put a heavier ball into play, hardly any bounce at all. Myself and some other customer commented and asked the dealer, which of course they denied and said it was the same ball as always, which it definitely wasn’t.

Once you’ve witnessed / been on the receiving end of such actions, fair uncontrolled spin or not, lose a few bets, the doubts and suspicions will surface. Was it deliberate or just random? If you are repetitively doing something for 5~10 yrs, your gonna get good at it, how good, the impact of diamonds, ball weight, I’ve simply no idea.

That doesn’t sound as an answer.
There a millions of coincidences since there are many more spins. Each person can write hundreds of examples as you did but they are only coincidences and not proves.

Imagine someone plays opposite color, and one day dealer spins him 18 times red in a row. If he played all 18 spins doubling up he would lose more than a half million dollars. Things as that are happening with all numbers or colors.
Anyway I do not see why your approach would work and make you are winner.

I’m a poker player, used to martingale with $100 chips occasionally while waiting for a seat, one or two hits to cover drinks. One night i accumulated quite a sum in adeliade casino while drinking, tap on the shoulder, asked to leave by security and refused to cash my chips.

Pissed me off so studied roulette, came across myrulet and the ffv, cut out the drinking and been using this over the past few months to pad my poker roll. Been kicked out of adeliade casino 4 times thus far, stone cold sober, for nothing more than winning.

As to the comments above, i know for a fact a particular older gentleman at adeliade casino can spin sectors with relative reliability. I know this because i’ve lost many hundreds in ‘tips’ betting him just this. Rows or columns? impossible.

Buy girls :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It surprises me that dealers actually go out of their way to piss off customers like that. They must think that no one would ever go through the trouble to find out where they live. I have heard in Vegas cases of pit bosses/dealers getting murdered. Las Vegas isn’t exactly a haven for civility though. I dunno, it seems pretty stupid to intentionally piss off a customer when you have no idea how desperate their money situation really is. Not advocating violence, but it has been known to happen.

If I had the chance I would without doubt run the dealer mentioned above over and probably put it in reverse. I assure you from my casino action over the years, even the most friendliest of dealers get their nose out of joint if you are a constant winner. They are pricks of the highest order, foremost through jealousy and loyalty to their employers, secondly for choosing a profession were most of the time they are observing people losing their shirts (livelihoods, home, businesses, wages) and are nonchalant to the matter, and then they expect a tip!!!

:frowning: Yip, the other night I saw a ‘high roller’ playing touch bet. He was playing a $5 table (machine) and was betting +/- $2000 - $3000 per spin. I played next to him betting flat betting 10 numbers using vb2. In most cases he used the race track to cover most of the wheel and then added in splits on the layout etc. Of what I could see, mostly there were 3 numbers open and obviously some way less chips than on others.

To make a long story short, I saw those three number hit three consequtive spins. (Remember the dealer cannot see the screen he was betting on) He then had a moderate hit and after that only numbers hit with losses or very little profit. He lost $25000 that evening… I felt really sorry for him but he was highly entertaining swearing at the dealer and so forth. :smiley:

If you stood there and didn’t calculate where the ball would drop it would of looked really suspicious how he was loosing. I remember a couple of times where I knew +/- where the ball would enter the rotor and where it would end up … and he wasn’t betting there (or not alot anyway). It just prooved that the game cannot be beaten by covering most of the wheel and playing on luck.

Well, you got it all wrong. If you aren’t able to win, you need to do the opposite! hahaha Remember that stupid CEH thread on VLS a few years back? Where the “Do the opposite” quote caused this huge search for a ‘Consistent Losing Roulette System’ HAHAHAHAHA! I sometimes miss those days. It was really entertaining reading watching all the “Clever” people spending hours and hours searching for a system that was guaranteed to make you lose money.

;D Yes. Not to talk about Numeris Titanus right? With numbers having connections to each other and stars affecting combinations and what have you. lol. This being followed by 1000’s of people studying 1000’s of hours stuff they do not understand yet trying to master but the funny thing is that it is all BS anyway…

What made me go to the Casino first time playing roulette is I thought I had a winning system that I received for free (2,000$ cost), I saw a video demonstration

and was convinced I was going to make a killing in the Casino. Very confident I approached the table and began to chart like explained by the system. After an hour, I realized the scatter was random and didn’t know where to bet. I lost it all and came back home sad.