The ONLY reasons that someone would sell the FFA

I have tested the FFA at least 60 hours in video spins and real envoronment.

FFA as any other RC (that is worth to be trusted) is JUST a machine that help us do a PERFECT level VB.
RCs aren t magic…aren t prediction of future…aren t rocket science!!!

So in VB we need good conditions to WIN.If we don t have good conditions,simply we CAN NOT WIN.
The same thing happens with a RC!
The deference between the VB and the RC is that the RC is making presised calculations in the RIGHT revolution and in the OFSET.So we use the FULL advantage of the conditions.

The 2 reasons that a person will shell the FFA are

1)Not to be able to SET it and USE it
2)Not to find the right conditions to play
( i belong in that reason)

Forester always say that winning isn t easy!
He simply means that is hard to find good conditions these days that Casinos are aware of VB and RC players and they try to give them hard time by making their wheels have almost NO advantage.

The FFA was tested by me So much,that I don t know if Forester have tested it so MUCH!!!LOL

In video spins I was winning EVERY spin that was matching my SETTING.
In real Casino when the ball was hitting the DD the number of prediction was EXACTLY at the strike point!
BUT if the ball will not hit the DD as we expect HOW CAN U FUCKING WIN!LOL

FFA is the fastest RC in the world.when i was testing in video spins of Jafco RC and Stefano RC spins( i was predicting the same spins with them)the FFA and their RCs was making predictions at the same revolution( I was setting that way in order to be a fair compair)The FFA was telling me the prediction WAYYYY FASTER than the other 2 RCs!!!Sometimes the speed of the pronountiation of the Number of prediction was making me scared!Because when i was clicking the switch at the last time, I was hearing the prediction the number was pronounced IMEDIATLY without a fraction of a sec delay!
Also In a lot of spins I was saved from BAD predictions with the Error4 (it tells u NOT to bet)that FFA provaids,wile the other 2 Rcs was giving A bad prediction.
FFA is a leathal weapon in the hands of a perfect user that has reasonable good conditions.

In my country they use so light balls that the balls scatter is RANDOM!!!Not to mention that NO wheel was good TILTED!I had 1 wheel TILTED and I made money.After some months Casino removed that wheel!In that wheel FFA was always able to predict the stike point and the only thing that I was fighting was the bad scater.THAT IS WHAT FORESTER MEANS BY " ITS NOT EASY TO WIN"
I would never wanted to travel to find good wheels,so the FFA was useles IN MY CASE.

Every person that knows basic VB and knows how to use FFA CAN imediatly understand that it s a VERY accurate RC.

PS.When I told Forester that I sold the FFA he told me “Tell to the person that bought it that I will provide him free support of programs updates”
This shows what kind of person he is.He isn t after the money…HE IS AFTER THE HAPPINES OF HIS CLIENTS.
And client to him is NOT only the ppl that buy the FFA from HIM…BUT ALSO EVERY PERSON THAT HAS IT!

Good post viper,

That is really how it is.

The problem is that some people buy RC without real understanding that it is not matter of just pressing button as some other may explained to them.

Reality is that even if they understand they simply can’t know if they can have advantage until they try RC on particular wheel.

While for me the price is close to my trouble of making it, for someone it may be high.
I do not mind people buy -try -sell as long if I do not have to make it, and I do not want to be involved in any transactions. If someone buys used FF it has nothing to do with me, I do not lose, I got money for my work of making it for first person and I do not have to make new one for second person. I definitely prefer to play roulette instead of making FFA’s. (I care only when I see how scammers use it to twist facts and try to got someone in to their scam)

Any FF is great tool, it is at least 1000 times more accurate in time measurements then any mobile phone programmed in Java. Java and mobile is slow and only good to create nice flashy menu system but that is pretty much all they have.

I know that you never upgraded to latest program, because I told you it is still in developing stage. So that is why I told you that if you sell it I will give upgrade for new user.

Yesterday it is done one of final changes on the new program. It is better, faster, more flexible then program you have had.
And guess who brought last problem to my attention? A USER.

That is why I never consider FF as my own product.
I am only an electronics engineer here. :-\

Nobody can make good roulette computer by sitting at home making it just to sell it. You have to be a player and build it firstly for yourself then and the others will help you.

Viper did you sell your ffa yet? What was the price you are asking? I found a few people but am looking for best price. What does it include?

He sold it, I know it because new person already contacted me.