The first crusade!

After months of practices, I decided to make a trip to casino, to see how is my VB2 skills is doing.

This was how it goes:

First I tracked down the DD, which is easily done. Then see if there is any shift needed to make for the prediction number, which I found 6 pockets shift in the direction of the rotor. Finally I will placed the 10 bets (imaginary one, no real money involved), 1 bet onto the predicted number, 4 bets before the predicted number and 4 bets after the predicted number. And this is the result:

52 games played, I got 20 wins (3 wins right onto the predicted number!), 32 lost.

I was quite satisfied with this, for the time being ;D.

But the problem come if I want to play real, I made the prediction quite slow, and placing 10 bets before nmb can be a challenge too.

I also realized that slower rotor, higher the success rate. Now I am working on how to limit my bets to just 3, if that works I will be going in for the kill!

Any suggestion on that?

How big is the sector to cover vith bets depends on scatter graph. Check topicks about it first and remember that you can place call bets ;). If you lern table numbers lokation same way you lerned wheel it helps to place bets on busy tables… look for the best conditions possible if you have a choice (more frguent dd hitt, less scatter possible)…

:wink: You should know the wheel layout by heart clockwise and anti-clockwise before you attempt to play for real. I would not bet 3 numbers. 5-9 is what I play. If call bets are available, I make 2 call bets and let them overlap by 2-3 numbers.

Nice results though. Remember if you play that if the dealer picks up what you are doing, wheel speed will be changed frequently like watch out for short spins. VB2 doesn’t like short spins. We loose linearity.

You should know the wheel layout by heart clockwise and anti-clockwise before you attempt to play for real.

If you want to learn wheel layout in cw and acw directions in 1 to 2 weeks i can PM you a method that works …

If I were you mate. I would take LS on to that.

Sound advice.

Yes, but i do memorized it, it just that to do it in a real environment, it is not as quick.

I do think that placing about 5-10 definitely increases the chances of winning. I just wonder if I can really nail it with just 3 bets ;D

This is truly what I fear, I wonder if we can develop a “all-weather combat” method.

Though I have memorized it, I am willing to learn new method of doing it :wink: