The FFA roulette computer is not for sale any more

The FFA roulette computer is not for sale any more.

After thinking and thinking and thinking I did some more considerable thinking and I have decided to pull back the FFA from sale and supplying it to the general public.

There are few reasons for my decision:

The FFA isn’t simply a mobile phone or PDA loaded with software running under OS and which can be loaded in 5 minutes. The system is custom made for real time applications and to be built with high standards it requires a lot of my time which I am not prepared to trade in for money.

The system is designed for high precision and it can be used by a single player or by a team. The system is accurate, therefore opens up various additional options which simply can’t be priced.

To protect my interests and interests of few people who have already invested in, I have decided not to allow just anyone to buy it.

Single player system FFZ or alternatively FFV is still for sale. Such units can be built reasonably fast. After some time, once I get to know you, you may become eligible to own the FFA unit as well.

At the beginning of the next month I will start building systems for all who already preordered it or who are eligible to own it and also who preorders it before 25th of May 2008. After that cut off date, you will have to wait and the price may be very different.

It is simply because I do not make profit form system sales and I do not enjoy building units (it is very time consuming). I stated at the commencement of this website that my objective isn’t to sell roulette computers but to establish a group of skilled people with common interests to share knowledge so as to learn and develop further.

And we did learn a lot.

Thank you all for great support.


You got pm!

Does this thread still apply? Are you selling it anytime in the future and what is the price?

Honestly I have read just about all the stuff you Howe and Stefano wrote about each other and you all have valid points. I want to purchase 1 and am serious to do this but I want to make informed decisions.

Also how do I send a PM Forester? I have some questions.

you all have valid points

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Sorry mate, I do not accept any valid points from scammers.

Maybe today I awoke and stand on wrong foot.