The existence of the casino games

Is it even possible to exist in casino games, having a positive mate. waiting? After the casino is clearly not profitable.

Hi Robert,

Earning a living playing in the Casino is a myth. Those who want to let people believe otherwise are scammers from the Internet who earns a living selling rubbish, like Mr Hourmouzis from Australia. I got his system and computer and could not achieve anything good with his products, which are expensive. I am talking about him because i saw you post “genuinewinner system” on his message board.
My advice is do not contact him because he knows how to con people by telling them what they want to hear. If you want the system, you can visit my website, it is downloadable at the bottom of the page. It will save you thousands of dollars that you would spend for nothing.

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Ok I will tell you my opinion now about roulette and income for a living.
Yesterday I was at my local Casino that I haven t visited for several months.
For my surprize they had removed all their wheels(that was there about 4 years) and they replaiced them with brand new one (same brand but other type!)
This was sad ,because I had spoted there (with the old wheels) 2 good titled wheels and in almost every visit I had made very good money.
So now I had to look almost every wheel in order to find at least 1 with the proper conditions to apply VB.
After 11 wheels observation/searching(I spent about 7 hours) I found a wheel that had nice conditions.(not perfect tilted but it was tilted and the scater in these new wheels was better than the old ones.)
After watching 50 spins(I spent about 3.5 hours for this) on the ACW direction(that had the better advantage) I started playing.
I played about 40 spins(about 3 hours) and left the Casino with a nice profit.

So If you will add the time I spent this day 7+3.5.+3=13.5 hours ???

The conclusion is that almost everyone can learn VB or Bias.But DO THEY HAVE THE PATIENCE OF A MULE in order to play as pros???

thank you

Ps.Most of the players are playing almost instantly on a wheel. How do they expect to win??? :o

Well, most of players have no clue what to look for or how to play to get an advantage.
Of course new heel you can’t just come and start playing. But of you are playing same wheel constantly then you can play after few spins.
Even that is not 100% correct, sometimes tilt can be there for few month, then one day you come to play, it may take some time to realise that you need IQE6 ;D

I know there are some exceptions like Kristian Kaisan who is very skilled and bias pro players but the last operate in team and travel a lot to find THE wheel that is profitable.

Like you said, it is not for everybody, and personally, i would not like to dedicate so much time to earn money. When it comes to gambling, majority of people are lazy and would like to win easily. That’s what scammers like genuinewinner promises, but instead of doing that themselves, they sell.

For 99,9% of people, Casino exists to have fun and spend money you can afford.

You spoke very Correct!

[quote=“robert cook, post:1, topic:503”]Hello
Is it even possible to exist in casino games, having a positive mate. waiting? After the casino is clearly not profitable.[/quote]

Many of us are playing in online casino just to have fun. But most do casino it for only one reason - to earn the greatest possible amount of money. The question of whether, in what the game should play and what strategies to maximize profits, agitated, and will continue to excite all fans of gambling. Many wagersgambling players know that the online casinos in one degree or another always has the advantage of a few percent over the enemy. The magnitude of this advantage depends entirely on what game you got to play. Typically, casinosahara online casinos “promises” big winnings exactly where the probability to have them - is sufficiently small. The only game in which online casino has no advantage over rival prepared, is a card game BlackJack. Playing on a particular strategy, victoriacasino called the Base, you will never make the wrong move, thus ensuring a continued success. The basic strategy was derived by mathematical calculations, as well as analysis of the maps in the hundreds of thousands of computer parties, and has virtually no weaknesses. All you have to do is to learn the strategy by heart, which can be easily found on the Internet in the form of a table or a set of rules. It should be remembered - for permanent income can not be a step to derogate from the basic strategy. Sometimes, these rules seem illogical, but should strictly abide by them. If you are unable to remember the table by heart, you can use computer programs, such as “Lazy blackjack”, which is able to automatically “follow” the game and give tips. Do not be afraid to combine the basic strategy with different strategies for betting in casinos, for example, “Martingale” - this will bring you more results. Many experienced players believe that the optimal time spent playing in the BlackJack should not exceed 1.5 hours. Then the odds of winning are falling sharply. Try to adhere to this rule. Most importantly, what we must never forget: any casinos do not like “counter”, ie players who earn the money for basic strategy BlackJack. Play on this strategy only in online casinos, and never do it in real life. Sooner or later, the security service evaluates you, and you may end up with an unpleasant experience. We wish you good wages in the world of gambling!
Gambling with its history rooted in the distant and ancient times. Whatever the number of versions of the researchers was not made, it is difficult to say for sure where the game was first invented not to “interest”, but to win. It is likely that the first player - this is our ancestor of the prehistoric age, who use a gamble with dice (not to be confused mammoth’s shoulder blade with a modern game of dice), was able to avoid the night shift at a fire, and was able to sleep peacefully in the warm skins. And perhaps the beginning of gambling was the lottery drawing to hunt for mammoth. Why guess? The main thing that people felt the taste of the game, and he liked to win.
Just look how many wits and ingenuity had been displayed by people in order to make gambling more convenient for the players. Roulette, Craps, maps and even a simple game of bingo at one of the pleasant summer evenings with her grandmother, when a bid for the card is one ruble a couple of chocolates - all this as the invention of man, serving for one purpose - to provide pleasure. And what it actually is, pleasure? Probably the first is the desire to win and the excitement. The appearance of the first machine - a so-called “one-armed bandit” at all fans of the game made a huge impression. In the United States gambling business after this invention has such a rapid development that the authorities had to limit its spread, placing it in the desert of Nevada.
Casino strongly attracted, gambling establishments already present did not like the taverns and restaurants, where two or three centuries ago, played the card battles in the entire state. Perhaps a little reminiscent of high-society receptions, in which the game of whist or poker played in a state just as quickly. A special, cozy atmosphere, fun lights and a sea of light - is how the modern casino. However, its essence is not a drop has not changed, people come here to play and win. Or, for a loss, if luck in this evening will be not on the side of the player. But the excitement is less than this does not become a casino and gambling all also attracted to man. And if you try to dig a little deeper, we can see that all new and new game pushes not only a coveted prize. Perhaps it is the memory of ancestors? And so it is necessary for the casino games?

I never looked BJ live online,
How they shuffle cards, can players count them?