The E2, a forgotten system for roulette leveled wheels

Today I have had a nice chat with someone who bought 3 FF’s.
Know him for few years and he is doing fine, playing form USA, east EU and EU.
Having an advantage on normal roulette wheels and some automated Alpha Street as well, mostly tilted.

Then he decided to play leveled wheel s.
His words were; why to look for tilt if there is so many leveled wheels with nice ball scatter and I can play it legally.
Soon after I found out he uses myrulet E2 system with metronome watch used as a timer.

Amazingly it gives him hits on 7 numbers sector every 2.81 spins, based on 1500 spins he was tracking.
An average hit on 7 pocket sector is every 5.2 spins so having it hit every 2.81 spin is a significant advantage.

Hi, Forester. Would it not be worth trying a simple E2 program on an ff. With the added accuracy
would you not expect a good hit rate if compared to visual prediction?

I have always prefered the E2 system over VB2 though I think because finding tilted wheels seems
to limit the time you can play as the wheels here are often tilted only at certain times.

Problem with E2 is observing start number and stop number.
If observation error is 2 pockets when multiplied by 3 its already 6.

Another problem on a leveled wheel is that the ball drop point on rotor based on predictions is not as accurate as on tilt since we have hits on all 4 vertical diamonds but also in-between resulting in different deflections. But it follows clocked ball speed better than it is on tilt. Tilt is more as YES or NO (as digital) while on leveled wheel there are and things in between.

If I do not consider him serous player I would have a problem believing someone can get 80% advantage with E2.
Another interesting thing he told me was that on one alpha street ( apparently leveled) he set the FF according to Securitymans instructions (clocking double revs.) he found at forum and made him many nice wins. That’s complicated set up to understand what’s really going on but it is closer to tilted wheel prediction then to the leveled one. If it works why not.

I am not sure what else can be added to E2, it adjusts if we predict a bit earlier or later, it adjusts rotor (not fully). To measure rotor with FF to make small adjustments might not be justified.

Ok with your explantion I can see the downfalls and my oversight with this :-[
Like the theory behind E2 though so hope it can be applied or developed to a better
level, 80% would be fantastic but 5-10 is still nice to have in your favour ;D

Perhaps, 80% is the maximum achievable… What one does with such an advantage, what will be THE ACTUAL ADVANTAGE, depends on the person utilizing the technique. Same as with any good tilted wheels, using best prediction tools, FFZ-FFV-FFA. The good news is, THERE IS an advantage.

Advantage is only advantage after its been played, cherry picking results after means nothing for me.
80% does seem high but remember it includes luck good and bad so not so easy to collate.
I am with you as any advantage is advantage, its whether its present and exploited to any degree.

If 80% is possible advantage for 1500 spins that’s 6 SD, you have to give credit to the system.

Sure when we play we can have differences, but if something goes wrong it is still faster noticed then if we have an advantage when playing bias.

I am wondering when you play bias if nothing noticeable happens except bad change of results, when do you stop? >:(

I cant agree or disagree. for advantage play I will prefer listen and learn. Still In maths obviously
1500 spins is a small sample when taking all variables in to account which I do not know! Say like if
only one number was bet on that is more imppressive than nine numbers over said amount of spins
and make the 80% win rate more informative and vastly more conclusive over 1500 spins.

Also the wheel/s played, if the system is that effective does the 80% cross over to other wheels or
because the wheel/s lend themselves to an advantage of 80% using said system and that makes up
the bulk of the sample spins. Luck doesn’t have a time limit so 6 SD is nothing compared to 180 SD if
you wanted to be conclusive. So when do you stop, ask a gambler it when the ready cash is gone ;D

I could go on ages but like I said I neither agree or disagree. What I will say is the guy is obviously
talented and like you guys, Foreseter and kelly etc are an inspiration to the newbies like myself here
on the forum looking to find a suitable method for ourselves in the real world.

The system might not give any advantage on the other wheel even it might be looking same.
Playing on the wheel with 80% possible advantage is far better than 4 times if playing wheel with 20% possible advantage.
He may end up with 40% real advantage but on 20% wheel is much harder to spot any changes so it can easily turn in to something you didn’t want and different then 10%.

It all directly relates how accurately the system can predict where the ball drops.
We can say well if the system predicts within 30 pockets where the ball drops on rotor theoretically we should still have an advantage if the ball jumps are reasonable. But in reality most likely we will not have it. If we have 100 spins predicted as number zero it means we will be having ball dropping on any number 2,17,5,20,22,35…etc. and we will not have anything to relate to see if we still have an advantage. Even if theoretically might give same advantage as some bias play, it is worst. With bias the player assumes consistency , while with prediction the prediction might easier shift due to conditions or method used.

Completely agree with you. That is based on good reasoning and quantifying what
see or recognise maybe through experiance/ability is it not?

Completely agree with you.
Is that good or bad?

I mean at this forum nobody really fights or disagree much. 8)
I remember at GG there was no person who wasn’t called an idiot or pig.

I have never posted in any other advantage play forums or even registered for that matter!

If you know what you are talking about its good because it helps me learn, if you dont
its bad lol. Why would I argue with someones point of view, more so when it makes sense.

LOL just for the point of arguing, as math system players :D.

Only joking since I have seen Mr.J post.

“Forester’s site, not dead but damn slow. They can only pat each other on the back so many times, it starts to get kind of boring. (lol)”

But it is really interesting, for past few years on roulette forums for every smart post about advantage play you’ll get 100 posts about math systems.
Someone comes and writes I have a system blab blah, then it continues for 100’s next posts …you have , no you do not have, you are idiot you are pig…etc.

LOL, that made me chuckle. How many hours does it take to realise just the
basic flaws in systems based on math yet I wonder how many of these “players”
have been working on their “theories” possibly for longer than I have lived!

Gotta give it to them they have more dedication than me so I haven’t the energy
to argue with them and will stay on this forum and let them mock me for it :stuck_out_tongue: