It never happened…!

On May 19 2009 I attended court to give evidence in support of Forester’s argument that a continuation of the ‘interim intervention order’ obtained by Steven George Hourmouzis (from Geuine Winer) is both unjust and unwarranted.

This was the first time I had met either Forester or Steven. I had communicated with both via their respective web sites and following further exploration of other web sites and persons outside of the roulette web community I decided that Foresters device was more likely to be a device that not only could deliver a reasonable edge but was a device that was credible and priced accordingly. I took the view rightly or wrongly that the devices offered by others including Steven were most probably not able to achieve a better result and may possibly be inferior despite their high price tickets. My decision not to do business with Forester’s competitors was also influenced by his competitors communications with me which were less than convincing. In contrast Forester’s communication (once deciphered) was honest, to the point and timely.

The magistrate decided that evidence from witnesses was not needed and he decided after hearing both Forester and Steven argue their respective points of view that a continuation of the ‘interim intervention order’ was not justified and as a consequence he dismissed Steven’s application. Steven failed to convince the magistrate that an order was warranted.

After court Steven, Forester myself and another person who came in support of Forester went to a nearby cafe for coffee. No person attended court in support of Steven. Steven stated that he did not expect Forester to attend. Forester did not attend court when the interim intervention order was granted as he had no knowledge that the application for an interim intervention order had been made by Steven. These interim orders are granted automatically in the State of Victoria (Yes, the law is stupid) and in most cases without the knowledge of the person who will be affected by such an order thereby negating any possibility of arguing against the order in the first place. This type of order is one of the most abused legal processes in this State and it plays into the hands of the unscrupulous.

At the cafe Steven and Forester argued about many things and it was clear that neither party was prepared to concede any ground to the others point of view. Steven offered to provide a demonstration of his ‘hybrid’ and as I was the only local Victorian resident I accepted and Steven quickly indicated that the demonstration would be conducted ‘soon’ and that he wanted me to write up the results on both Forester’s forum and his own forum. I agreed and stated that my findings would be unbiased and fair. That was May 19 2009 and today is August 2, 2009.

Steven has emailed me privately many times and I have replied. He has taken exception to many of my emailed comments to him. In particular I stated that I was bemused at the delay in ‘the demonstration’ being scheduled. He took offence, stating that he was an extremely busy man. In another email I used the expression that I was familiar with his ‘MO’ (modus operandi). He took offence, stating that I was accusing him of criminality, so I replied by suggesting that he look up the meaning of the words in a dictionary and that although the Police often use the expression ‘MO’ when referring to criminals that the expression is also used outside of the Police. He was extremely sensitive to this phrase. In further emails he began accusing me of supplying his driver licence photo to Forester’s web site.

I explained to him that I did not even know it was his driver licence photo and had no knowledge of it being so and no knowledge of how it cam into the public domain. He continued to accuse me of involvement in this event and eluded to my former occupation (35 years ago I was a Police officer). It became apparent that his experiences with the legal system in the past were not pleasant and that I was now rapidly becoming the focus of his frustrations. I told him in other emails that I thought he needed professional help and I stand by that, he does. Of course as expected he took offence at that suggestion. My last words to him were: “I have no ill feelings and do sincerely wish you every success.

The casino is the real enemy and anyone who can consistently conquer them is to be admired.” I do not for one minute believe Steven has the capability, capacity and focus to defeat the game of roulette. I do however believe that he believes he can and is. I think he has a highly inflated view of his abilities and intelect and will probably go to the grave with those same beliefs. We see them jump from buildings flapping their arms every day… then we see the mess they left behind.

Cheers all, Forester is the real deal so if defeating roulette is your goal then at least with the FFA, FFV, FFZ you will have a chance after a great deal of training and focus. BUT FOR ME… I WILL STAY TRADING THE EMINIS… 23% ON TURNOVER DAILY FOR THE LAST 9 MONTHS… IT BEATS ROULETTE EVERY TIME.

PJ ::slight_smile:

Whoa PJ…you can’t do that to us surely?


More information please what is the M&S? How is it traded? Is there room for me? How much will you charge for your strategy? When can I come for my first lesson?


PS. and I had a another big day with VB yesterday!

Yes, he told me he is doing extremely well with shares.

Mike,you always do well with your VB.
Didn’t I told you, you play the closest way to Ritz team.
If they were lying to me then and I am lying to you.

PJ, thanks for the feedback regarding Stefano, just forgot it. I knew what will happen from the start, didn’t I tell you. I am not a psychic Stefano is very predictable what he is going to do and say.

I assume he is happy, at least for 2.5 months he could write how he will show you his technology and how Forester will be embarrassed.

@Mike… I suggest you google ‘trading eminis’ and perhaps do a course or two with some of the internet gurus that are happy (or prepared) to teach. We don’t actually trade shares… we trade the S&P 500 index. Depending on your assessment you can trade in either direction UP or DOWN (Long or Short) and make an extremely good living. The problem is the time frame… I start at 11.30pm and usually trade until around 2.30am. But the beauty is I haven’t left my home and I don’t have to drive for 90 minutes each way to and from the casino. IT IS BRILLIANT! I am surprised Steven isn’t trading, apparently he has some experience in that area.

PS Steven has emailed me an offer to do a limited demo Wednesday or Friday. I don’t know which month or year yet… but will keep you all posted. ::slight_smile:

My prediction is that he will show you on portable dvd player how he predicting.

Then if you are complaining do not get suprised if he accuses you just do nto like him.

I really do not know what is the problem is, is he advertising that people can come and visit him for demo or he doesn’t? :-\


Your lies, your threats, your intimidations DO NOT impress me AT ALL. My website and all informations proving without a doubt that you are a high fraudster will stay FOREVER. If you cannot sleep, if you cannot make any more sales, that’s NOT MY PROBLEM.

Seriously, you are a poor guy and a nutcase. Do you really think a fat conman like you who wears the same T-SHIRT for his so called “roulette conferences”, when he sleeps with his wife, impress me?. Do you have all your mind? I seriously doubt.

I have enough evidences to throw you again to jail Stefano. ONLY ONE evidence will cost you 10 years.
Do you remember the judge saying to you if you commit the same mistakes, he won’t be as kind as he used to be for the rentench case?.

What do you think will happen to you when i will prove without a doubt that you manipulated AGAIN people with YOUR website: rating YOURSELF your systems as THE BEST.

It is the exact same modus operandi that you used to fool people about the rentench stock.

Like PJ said, i seriously believe that you have a serious mental problem, you do not realize WHO you are, and all the fraud behaviour you use to scam people.
Anyway, when you will be back to jail and this time for a long time, maybe you will realize what a shit you are.

PS: My honest challenge to prove that you have what you claim you have and that you are genuine still apply.
1000€ at as a starting bankroll are waiting for you. After one week, if the balance reaches 30,000€ like you claim in your website, then:

  1. I will make my public apologies and recognize that you are honest and claim your system is really a “genuinewinner”.
  2. My website will be deleted.
  3. I will pay you 10,000€ for the time you spent for this challenge+All the winnings in my dublinbet account will be sent to your bank account.



Just ignore all what he writes.
There is no point.

Do you know that guy who published video of his frustration with Stefano’s latest GW system?

Anyway this is better.

Forester went for 50 km bike ride and took a nice picture for you. :slight_smile:

Hi Forester,

No i do not know, but i saw a post from one of his player “Barbaro” on crook’s message board. It could be him since he was complaining:

July 25, 2009, 10:00am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
Guest User

Just wanted to testify that i purchased the genuinewinner roulette system from Stefano gw, and i’ve been quite deceived about the system and also about him. Deceived by the system because i thought i would learn new methods (patterns) and it was not the case, all what is contained in the ebook and what he told me on the phone have been already known by myself. Deceived about Stefano because he is more active on his roulette forum than responding to my emails and supporting me. I’ve the feeling that now his sale has been done, he does not care at all. More than one time i had to wait for 4-5 days before receiving a reply from him, just to tell me that the patterns are not strong enough to give me a custom variant. Also he refuses to give access to the online custom variant software, and refuses to give access to the private roulette message board but i’ve been told by another player that it does not exist…

For those who already have some knowledge about roulette (dealer signature, bias, vb…), then 2,500$ is really really NOT WORTH the money. All what is taught is available for free around the Internet.
No offense Stefano, but i don’t like to keep problems for myself, it is always better to share feelings and opinions to progress in the right direction."[

After that post, Stefano immediately banned him, whereas he was challenging butt lick anandram who said that he was not a player.
And Stefano said it was Mark, as usual when someone complains, without letting his player proves that he was not Mark.

When Stefano is embarrassed he censors. I think that’s what made his player crazy and revealed his super gw winner system protected by username and password, so we know for sure it is one of his player who released it.

Another one who realized he has been ripped-off, but for Stefano there are only 2-3 unhappy purchasers among 50 000+ purchasers.

ps: This guy “anandram” is affiliated with Stefano, he has his personal mobile phone number. The post of the unhappy purchaser occured during the week end, and Stefano NEVER visits or reply to emails on the week ends.
When the incident occured, this guy “anandram” was online, and like extraordinary after around 30 minutes, Stefano appeared on his message board and banned his player.

It was already too obvious this guy was affiliated with Stefano, he does not stop licking his butt whereas he says he has not his system nor the computer.

Anyway, you are right, i just have to ignore this clown. He already threatened me with his “lawyers” when i sent to Mark Howe shipment and bank account details to prove i purchased Gw’s computer.
That’s what he wrote to me:
de :[email protected]
“Bago” [email protected]
date :
07/08/07 02:14
objet :
Re: official complaints and possible refund

[b]"You have no understanding of the legal position you are in. I will only need to demonstrate breach of the contract - very clear. But even if more was required, that wouldn’t be a problem.

You have until the end of the week to comply with what you said you would do. Otherwise, you will be hearing from my lawyers. It’s now Tuesday."[/b]

Never heard from them, lol

If I can remember well you were identifying yourself as a player much earlier.
But then that did not matter to Stefano since you believed that his computer may work, he even encouraged you to talk.

It looks as by Stefano, customers are in breach of his contract only if they ask for money back.

So imagine what I was thinking when I could read Stefano’s replays to many of his customers that tried to get money back from him, and in same time read on message boards how he writes that nobody wants refund and that everybody is happy.

I must be the greatest guy, or perhaps the silliest.
Regardless of such knowledge and previous experience with Stefano I told him that after PJ visit him and see his hybrid computer and test it he can write whatever he wants at my site.

For everybody normal this is the fairest offer. Stefano was advertising it how he will embarrass me when PJ finds the truth. I am still waiting for it.

It’s been almost 3 months from then, and Stefano is avoiding keeping his promise. It is not matter only about agreement with PJ and me but he also advertises that he will do live demo to anybody interested to buy his product. (As I said long time ago that offer stands only until someone really decides to visit him). So nothing has changed. If Stefao really improved his product he would grabbed this chance and made a real prove.

Latest is that Stefano wants to alternate the agreement; he wants to show on portable DVD player to PJ how his computer works. It is an insult on people’s intelligence. Man who claims that has company, office of 20 people that working on roulette developments has to meet with PJ somewhere on hidden place to show him his baby DVD player.

So the best is just forget about him, one day if he improves I am positive things will change. :wink:

What? He wants to prove the effectiveness of his hybrid computer on PC DVD player?. He accused me 1000 times that my poor predictions was the result of skips.

Now it is not a problem to test on such player?, i do not understand.

Nobody does.
That is why PJ told him he wouldn’t drive for that 90 sec.
He lives 90 minutes drive from Melbourne.

Just forget it, will you.

Maybe Stefano should make again a funny video to win some money so that he can afford a jacket to enter a Casino and use cell reflection to make predictions with his hybrid computer. I doubt Casinos will let him enter with his dragon green T-Shirt he uses for his roulette conference where he is alone in the room filming himself and imagining people claping their hands each time he spins the ball (LOL).

The most hybrid is Stefano, 50% crook, 50% a pig.


Bago, the Crook HUNTER


What??? He banned you at his forum, then writes to you as you have chance to replay.

At his forum he has fighting area, so why he blocked you from that?

Because he can’t fight with me, i own him, he is so silly. I have to thanks Mark Howe for that, even if he is a scammer too, because it is thanks to him that we know where fat pig lives and the emails of Kylie which reveals the whole truth.

Fat pig claimed that he built his wealth way before he studied Roulette, that the system/computer he sells since around 2004 won millions, but could not afford a garden around his small and cheap house until year 2008.
As Stefano’s wife wrote, it is thanks to a won funny video that they could afford to have the garden finished.
March, 23rd, 2008:
“We just recently won $10,000 on funniest home videos so are now finally getting the backyard fixed up with that money

And this crook clown wants to take me to court, this is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard. He does not know the laws and i do.
When time has come, he will know what i’m talking about. 8)