The Biggest Mistakes New AP's Make

This is kind of an interactive thread for everyone to participate. You can share your own observations or personal experiences of mistakes you have seen or done in the casino. Rather than having one person post a list of a bunch of do’s and don’ts, try to just post one mistake and then follow it up with a detailed explanation as to why it is a mistake and how it can be avoided. I’ll get things started!

Playing way too soon!

This is a pretty common one to make. VB is a personal skill, as is any form of advantage play. At first, you have no idea what VB is or how to do it. Then you are staring at the wheel, and you have your “Lightbulb” moment. When this happened to me, I thought that I was the best VB player in the world and that the casinos were going down! What I didn’t know at the time was that, when I made my amazing observations, the conditions were perfect for prediction. The wheel speed was perfect, the ball and tilt were perfect and the scatter was perfect. In other words, I kinda got lucky. Then I watched a few more spins and I was able to see a bit of a pattern.

When I went to other casinos, I knew what to look for, but no matter how hard I tried I could not do what I did the previous night. I even went back to the same wheel and could not do what I had done. On occasion I would see a good spin or two and hop in, only to get murdered. What was happening was I knew there was something there, but I never understood the cause and effect as to why it was happening. I didn’t truly understand the conditions. Jumping in too fast, as tempting as it may be at the time, is a terrible idea. You have no idea how strong your edge as a VB player is yet. This is very important to know. In order to employ a proper betting strategy you need to confirm your edge first.

There are times when you can make and observation and the correct play is to take immediate action. For example, a significant temporary bias that you observe by a foreign material in the pocket or a dealer spinning the rotor and the ball in the same direction. However, those situations are extremely rare. So as a general rule for new players… Do not play too soon. Once you become more experienced, you can have a better understanding as to when it is okay to play or not.

Avoid this by practicing and recording your results on paper over a lengthy trial to confirm you have a positive edge over the house.

For me happened the same.
I bought one recomended VB system, learned, understood, practise on video. then went to casino, found good wheel. was not bad at all! few neighbour numbers, few very close, but when i predicted 3 numbers in a row, I thought- who is the king???!!! :smiley:
back after two days and… nothing, not even close :slight_smile: (both days i didnt play, just watched).
I just want to thank you guys for sharing info and experience. last two months i have addiction to this forum ( thats why my wife not happy :smiley: ).
will try to learn vb properly and next step - RC.

Hey Bix

I thought I was being smart by introducing my wife to Casino’s and Roulette so she would not give me a hard time with my roulette study and practice BUT now she is addicted to Poker Machines!

Half my winnings or more goes on her addiction…life is so tough and unfair!

Keep winning