The best roulette computer roadmap

Hello everybody,
First of all I wish you good health and lot of luck in this year. As in usual once a year I send you a letter trying to make some money from you J. I am only joking.
Maybe this year I would miss opportunity to say hello if there were not few emails that took my attention and made me to make this move. I want more feedback, especially from people who owned Mark Howe’s or Stefano’s computer with a hearing aid. I would like to know how much you would value if the FF is built with Radio communication and if instead of zap The FF pronounces prediction number. Or in other words if their phone has the FF’s accuracy would you prefer it better.
It looks to me that few people wiling to pay extra for that futures. To be done properly it may require a lot of resources and most of all will power to make it.

As most of you already know or noticed that I am not up to any significant changes if I am not pushed for it. Other words I am already happy with FF as it is. Please take some time and read the following text. It is parts from 2 emails I received my answer and idea about possible solutions for benefit of all. It is only a draft because I want to find out how many people may be interesting.

€¦€¦.Thanks. I agree. It just seems that unless you get the "right" table at the "right" time which can be very time consuming (always get to sit next to the wheel, full table, etc.), the current system limits your use. If you had an ear piece for 2 people, then obviously one could watch from any angle and the "player" could bet from any position. Those videos are great and thanks for posting. Now get to work :).
€¦€¦Mr. Forester: I am sure you be asked this often, but what would it take financially to have you design (or implement an add-on) to your computer that actually transmitted the "number" (as in Howe's computer) to an earpeice? I know you have been thinking about his for some time and I would pay to be the "guinea pig" if I could coerce you into it. I think all would benefit as it seems to be a major bone of contention that three things happen while playing. First, "accuracy" of the "zap" is essential (more or less); secondly, sometimes you "miss" the "zap" altogether"; and third, the "zap" comes extremely late to lay bets without being called off first and your concentration is very time consuming whereas a "verbal number call" would free up valuable time, I believe. Also, after you memorize the number, laying the bets would be much easier. I will pay to play:). Thanks for listening.

Not many people ask me for that. Actually it was only one who said maybe is good idea to work with Stefano and to load FF on mobile phone as well.
Some people tried HA and they do not like it, and of course they all prefer the FF. Maybe mostly because it is the only one system that produces needed accuracy.
I can see that you understand benefits of number pronounced. We can gain in time but not much. FF has 4 levels of setting when prediction will happen. The earliest one is experimental and only recent I improved it a bit. Still there is problem because the clocking is when the ball is to fast. We can save maximum 1/2 sec.
Instead of waiting for 1 ball revolution for zap we can get number pronounced in 0.5 sec. But and zap in average will happened within 0.6 sec.
Benefit is that pronounced number may be more accurate then observed number. As long as if we can notice it within few pocket limits we do not lose almost anything with zap.

9 spins predicted zero
But we notice 3 spins at #3 and 3 spins on #15.
We may lose only 1 hit on few hundreds spins. Because if average scatter is 12 pockets we instead zero played 3 it is almost same chance that we will win because chance that the ball bounce 10 pockets is almost same as 12.
Further more the FF additionally calculates rotor and ball speed to define wait time for zap to happen. Calculation is close to perfect but it may slip few pockets in particular situations.
FF as it is by design doesn’t need to calculate rotor position but if we want HA it needs to be included. And my strongest argument if we want HA and pronounced numbers, we have to take care of ball direction and we must do clocking at same spot where we did rotor clocking.

Missed zap,

Some FF’s may have to tight limits, I correct it and I will replace chips.
If you set accuracy 2 you should have prediction on standard wheel as on DVD’s 8-10 sec to the end.
It can not happen later. Be careful that you do not mix new starting zap with prediction. With new chip I made longer period (8 sec for starting zaps) so if we miss zap nothing will happen almost until ball hits. But you should get about 80 %+ predicted spins.
I can have 3 options to go with FF.

  1. To make it very small (manufactured in china) but with functions it will be almost as it is.

  2. To redesign board to add speech chip, and transmitter (this way I am very comfortable in programming but I am still missing display for setting also I couldn’t find manufacture to do smaller quantity)

  3. program it on PDA or smart phone (I have all I need but I don’t know well programming language to do all I want to do, so I may need professional programmer in particular language that I want to use. This way everything is easy, it has display, speaker, Bluetooth, etc. I start looking in to that, and if I do it who knows when it will be finished. I do not want to start simply because I know it will take hundreds of hours from me.

Almost a year ago 2 guys offered me (I forgot was it 10 000 euros or $).
They offered it for free simply as help for further development.
One guy made $3 000 000 in gambling and the other one won lotto in Europe.
I refused their offer. I simply can not take peoples money as a gift.
Now when I think back I didn’t do much since then.
Well I did something, the FF as it is, adjustable offset and indication when the ball is due to hit rotor for better control. The FF programmed as it is gives me unique opportunity to test the program in slow mode step by step.
But it is still the same box and the FF is not designed for team play. The team play may be very beneficial if someone really wants bigger money.

Last year was ok for me except December. Last month I made some losses, and it really made me frustrated.
If I did not see clear advantage I would not play but I did, and simply by bad luck the ball 80% of time was stopping 1-2 pockets next to played sector. If I shift adjustment for few spins then it goes 2 pockets on the other side. Simply it was bad luck when everything goes wrong, but it is already recovered. Sure there was and time when the ball was stopping more often on my sector then what it was expected but that is cool. Anyway that and this emails made me think that maybe with HA the FF can be better and that some people may need it more then i need.

So, I do not know how I can help you.

I remember your name but I forgot where you are from and when did you get the FF.
I can improvise something and add it to FF as it is. It would still take much time and and i wouldn’t be fully happy because i like to do it right way or not to do it at all.
Now I am thinking maybe I can try to sell 49% of sales for $49 000 AU as shares of $1000 and develop FF as smallest size and as PDA / mobile. Then whoever bought it has for every $1000 invested 1%. It units sales for $5000 it may take only 20 sales to get money back. For now i do not know if and for how much this may benefit players. Who knows maybe we again decide to not sell FF or the price may be very different.

Perhaps you do not know. When I finished FF IQE5, about 10 people offered to pay me $1000 every month to stop selling it and I did for one year. Sadly we all found that FF couldn’t produce money as easily as it was expected. It is not easy to win, I found it by myself so how I can expect someone paying me if I didn’t make millions myself L.
By my opinion this may increase slightly accuracy in defining predicted number, but most advantage may be in team play and possibility that player can play almost from any position on the table even he clocks the ball himself.
Whatever comes up from this one is for sure that current owners of FF will always be taken with care.
What do you guys think?
Anybody interesting in further development?

Where the ball stops
Best wishes to all / Forester

I’m in, please.

I do not own your device as of yet . I didn’t even know you existed until about 48 hours ago. I was initially trying to decide which system sounded more credible, Howe’s or stefano’s over the last month- - -and than your name and website recently popped up just 2 days ago. After reading your forum I came to the conclusion that both Howe and Stefano are frauds. I wouldn’t do away with FF entirely because that would make you like all your competitiors like Barnett and Pred7 to name a few. Not only that, but it would also put you in direct competition with them as well. On the other hand, I believe flexibility is what the majority of customers prefer. Therefore, my final thought is that giving your customers a choice of 2 different versions would probably be the best solution.


Hi, I will be owning FF very soon.
As said before I think accuracy is the most important thing.
As a long-term gambler and roulette player, I think the FF sounds fantastic as it is.
Any device which gives any edge playing roulette, which is supposed to be random :D, is what us professionals seek.
The calling of the number which was a feature of marks and stevens phone was a little over the top for me to be honest.
That said, it definitely would appeal to the wider audience out there, ( those people who are not really willing or able to play skillfully, using a sharp eye, estimations etc. no offence intended.)
Accuracy is paramount and I think your instincts about FF being the way you want it are correct.
There are some issues regarding placing late bets and of course its very frustrating when table is busy.
If you really want to develop it further, I see no reason why FF can’t be best and ONLY device to use while playing roulette.
I would also be interested in the share scheme, which you can think about some more.

For the moment, I look forward to using the current FF very soon.


nlp2me :slight_smile:

Hello to new guys and welcome. Please keep in mind that this forum is for everybody.

Dr. Spock you do not need to read my forum to come to that conclusion. All you have to do is read what they write and try to understand it. If you were following for 2 years what they saying and how they changing their web page it would be much easier.

You are right the FF will definitely stay in form as it is because I simply like it.
All I want is to reduce size. Sure that the FF as it is has limitations but it has his own advantages as well. The FF as it is perfect for single user who doesn’t want too much and who wants to spend some time to practice it.

What I found out is that there are people who are loaded with money and who do not mind to spend to get the FF the way they want, as long as it can keep same accuracy. They play few thousand dollars per spin. So if they want it I will make it. Put it this way. Stefano’s computer to be usable with radio costs $10 000US.
It is not bad at all if it works. So if someone wants something as that it is much better to invest it in something that will work. On top of that as on every investment it will give returns.
What I need is few people, because if one tells me ok can you do it for me I will pay you $10 000. I would not do it because it will take me much more. On long run I may benefit but I am not prepared to do it right now.

I do not care for competitors; I do not even consider them competitions because I do not compete with anybody. I only do right thing because it is the good to do things right. And if you do right thing winning at roulette will never be interpreted as a fairytale.

If you were contact me a year ago and if you want HA, you would find out that I would redirect you to buy Stefano’s or Mark’s phone. But how I can do it now after all.
What I wrote is definitely not with wrong reason as to discredit them to boost my sale. What for? I do not profit as much as them because the price is 10 times lower. They have interest to discredit me so they can make huge profits, and that is what they doing. Loading program to mobile phone really doesn’t take much.

Michael Barnet is different story, he is not a scammer, and his computer works.
I never tried it but I simply know because I talked with him and I know how much he knows.

The only problem is that his computer works only on tilted wheel. Maybe it is not problem at all. All you have to do is to look for one. If you look you will find it.

More then a year ago when I discovered some interesting facts about tilted wheel prediction I emailed I to him. It was about getting better prediction on tilted wheel. Only recently when he was testing the FF he told me his computer also predicts when the ball is due to hit rotor.

Predicting that on tilted wheel is not hard at all and it is great idea for better control. But it took me a split of second to realized potential of that if it is implemented on leveled wheel. And that is exactly what I did.

Please do not interpret this wrongly; I do not have any affiliation with Barnet.
He is tuff guy, and he doesn’t believe much in leveled wheel prediction. He decided to purchase the FF simply for investigation because it seems to him that the FF is the only one system that may be able to do it.

What I am trying to say here is that I do not look people as competitors as it is often wrongly explained. I look them more as normal and smart or as scammers.
If you were here long enough you would know that I even included Mark Howe in to the project of developing FF.
But Mark as Mark, all he was doing telling us how he has a big head and how everybody else is stupid. We still did not push him away he left by himself.

It is first time that I looked Roulette prediction site
It is probably one of additional sites that Mark Howe created to get more sales.
I am not sure about that one but I have seen that video earlier and it was commented that it is Mark’s roulette wheel. He also pretended to be a Professor R. Johansen from Norway and created where he totally screwed up so son after he removed it. This is also his site; it is similar to Stefano’s RSR
Perhaps now you can understand why I have no interest to do anything with them.


Yes the accuracy is definitely the most important for roulette prediction.
What nobody really tells you that we are fighting to get maximum from remaining 40%, [u]since the roulette is 60 random game[/u] even if we are 100 accurate with prediction. This changes from wheel to wheel but 60% would be the most common and it is defined by the ball scatter. The FF partly breaks in to that 60% but of course it is not 100% accurate because of many additional factors on the wheel which simply can’t be predicted.
But the FF definitely has solution for manual ball clocking and right calculation that you wouldn’t get much better even if you use laser.

I would be very interested in Version #2. For me, the size of the current FF is fine. Smaller would be nice but it is not essential. A verbal speech point announcing the number would be very useful and would make things much easier. It would also allow me to be more accurate as sometimes I find that while I concentrate very well on the clocking that I can be somewhat innaccurate when the zap comes as it takes me a moment to determine which number the ball is over at the time the zap came and I probably end up being off by a couple numbers some of the time. With a verbal announcement of the predicted number, it is faster as there is no thinking, as well as being completely accurate as to which number is the actual prediction.

I have no real interest in the mobile phone or PDA versions simply because you would have a hell of a time explaining why one of these was taped to your leg or thigh or something. You would definitely be in trouble if you were caught. Whereas with the current version of FF down by your ankle it is not immediately obvious and you have the opportunity to explain your way out of it (be creative) and also because they (the casino) wouldn’t immediately know what it was as it isn’t obvious. Sure they would assume but jail time is only warranted if they have proof (unless it is Nevada as just having it on your body there is a crime I believe.)

Also I believe Version #2 will be an achievable upgrade that won’t take forever to do (although I couldn’t do it myself.)

What are other people’s thoughts?

I would be very interested in Version #2. For me, the size of the current FF is fine. Smaller would be nice but it is not essential.

I would agree with that, advantage of current FF is that it can be easy upgraded. When everything is done to maximum then it may get smaller where upgrade would be possible only by replacing complete unit.

A verbal speech point announcing the number would be very useful and would make things much easier. It would also allow me to be more accurate as sometimes I find that while I concentrate very well on the clocking that I can be somewhat inaccurate when the zap comes as it takes me a moment to determine which number the ball is over at the time the zap came and I probably end up being off by a couple numbers some of the time. With a verbal announcement of the predicted number, it is faster as there is no thinking, as well as being completely accurate as to which number is the actual prediction.

In usual I do not have problem but after longer play I find myself sometimes in position that I have to think too much where to place chips. Sure there are advantages with pronounced numbers, but the zap has his own advantages. So the best is to have it all. :slight_smile:

Mobile phone is the easiest, especially if looking to make sale profits. Buy phone load software and take money. If used mobile definitely it should not be hard wired to switch. It must be radio connected to switch then again radio to HA or to the display. Main advantage I can see in team play, in that case even if clocker is pressing buttons on mobile is not the problem.
One button can be CW ball direction while another one can be ACW.

Building custom device as FF is harder. I do not have problem designing circuit as FF, adding radio and voice chip. But if I want to have it small in size I can not manufacture it. I talked with few manufactures in China they would do it but in 10 000 pieces quantity which is far too many.

'Building custom device as FF is harder. I do not have problem designing circuit as FF, adding radio and voice chip. But if I want to have it small in size I can not manufacture it. ’

How big is the unit if you add the radio and the voice chip if compared to the current FF? Is it a whole lot bigger or only slightly bigger than the current FF?

Or can it fit inside the current size box of the FF?

If it is anywhere near the size of the current FF, and can have speech capabilities, I would say that you already have almost a perfect unit.

Have you designed any current FF units with speech capability?

Keep up the good work.

I am analyzing all possibilities. As a main benefit of change is a bit easier prediction and team play but disadvantages are huge. Still, if gain is better prediction it may be worth working on it. More I look in to it more problems I find. Simply there is no safe way of communication. I researched Bluetooth and various FM transitions.
Further more however I configure the whole system I found it to complicated to set it up.

As you pointed. Mobile phone should not be connected to the switch it should have radio connection to the switch, then from phone we can transmit via let’s say Bluetooth then run induction loop to HA. It is too much to set. That’s 3 small batteries, who can take care for all of that, prior to play it may take time to set it up.
If I build custom unit the board should have same chip as now, audio chip, Bluetooth transmitter and the switch. All that can be small size as a car remote. But if one person wants to use it then it must have possibility of connecting switch as current FF.

If I make custom new FF with audio I will make it smaller then current version, because I will use surface mounting technology.

Instead of HA I looked and possibility of displaying number at digital watch. It is achievable because some watches can have display controlled by Bluetooth, but I am not sure if it is practical solution.


Hello Everybody,
Where to go?
Following please find my propositions.

My dreamed rulet prediction computer:

  • Time journey machine. Will be nice to send servant to the casino to write down all winning numbers from next evening. or,
  • Ghost’s voice in my head just b4 spin.or
  • Implant into the brain, clicking by eyelid, prediction showed in my imagination by topless girls. or,

-FF like I’m waiting for! ( WHEN Forester WHEN? When and how can I buy, beg, borrow or steal it?)
Board smallest passible with mostly surface mounting elements.
Possibility to connect as a separate item voice processor with or without blue tooth, radio transmitter or cable for HA.
Possibility to connect to PDA or notebook just for setting, storing & analyzing.

I like FF like it is now, or like I’m waiting for. With new modifications; memory, offset adjustment and accuracy control by final hit zap will be almost perfect.

Success play is a matter of proper wheel and dealer, patience, experience, patience, strategy of stack management, patience, width of the playing sector an finally patience.
Patience is hard in casino especially for the gambler, anyway when you treat it as a job means professional it’s profitable.

Forester, whatever you will change you can do nothing with wheel/ ball characteristic, scatter etc.
Will be nice to have numbers called instead of zap, but… We can reach best results (this is from my practice) playing on wheels with slowest passible speed where passibility of timing wheel on every position, and every number is our biggest advantage. Waiting for 0 on particular diamond will result with too late prediction, right after NMB. So whatever you add PLEASE leave as an option existing metod.

Size, Voice processor, display - PDA, smart phone?
YES, ALL OF IT and much more… Way To Go!

“Size makes difference…” I do not remember who and when told me so, but she was right!
Size of FF;
FF needs batteries, zap plates, wires, sockets and switch, I personally use switch with toe size holder. OK I can imagine FF with batteries in size of the switch all placed in one holder, but what about plates? I tried plates placed on the small pedal under the toe. It does not work! During long play accuracy of ball timing decrease drastically.
We need zap plates in size close to existing, we need wires and sockets.
In my opinion there is no idea to order production of micro FF in quantities due to the price, and size of other necessary elements.
Existing FF can be small enough, look at the photo made by crazy guy who burns chips :slight_smile:
He cut off board to 20x43mm, destroyed connections are rebuild with wires. Chip is powered by coin size battery, all is truly small and can be hidden inside every shoe.
It’s enough to redesign board focusing on highest density of elements packing.
With that solution FF will stay small handy, easy to hide.
When someone decide to wear induction loop will be no problem for him to wear additional small box with Voice processor like MP3 player and additional wire to FF.
PDA connection will help with all settings b4 casino, and create data sheet with all necessary data about wheels from FF and from our observations.






That is really amazing I really mean it. Perhaps you should work with me to design new board for FF. With SMT components It could be ¼ of what you’ve made.

Sorry I still didn’t send you new chip as I promised.
First I was 3 days sick with cold. When I was the most sick that day I received 100 calls for some jobs to do. Then I had to catch up with jobs. Also crogirl come back from Europe and€¦
I need to send many new chips and just thought to address all those envelopes makes me to always delay it and not do it at all because I know it will take me all day to do it. Also I come across the wheel which has specification to reach limits of the ff so I worked a bit on that to get it better. At least I managed to make video how to set new chip.
Did you watch it? And look for post about mobile phones. I am still working on plan B with one guy who may be able to use different approach for audio files.

Are those 2 holes 2 sockets and why?

Two single sockets instead of one for two cables. Only matter is size. Two are smaller and flatter than one.

ABCD1234 . This perform look nice i think is the way. :wink:

Forester. Im in , too. :slight_smile:

Forester don’t stop, I belive that with the knowledge you have you can do better!!!


It will take some time.
I have found nice chip that I need in Taiwan.
For every email takes them one week to respond >:(

I will give some basics to mobile phone developer to see if it is possible to do it.

And I will build my own hardware with audio and Bluetooth. First get chip, developing equipment. Make a test. Then get made printed boards, buy equipment for surface mounting technology. And than you may have it.

Later on I have to build and zap device as ABC shows but ¼ of that size.