Testing and review ABC clocking switch

The switch is the best that money could buy especially if required foot clocking.
However with new bunch of switches I received I discovered few issues that needs to be addressed.
We do not make switches we only distribute them and if you need one it can be ordered at our suite.

It’salways like that. If you want ssomething done properly, do it yourself. Nice video, Forester, thanks.

By the way, is any way to fix your switches. They click but do to make contact if I do not press much harder than it is required for the click.

Yes there is a way...

First see carefully pictures attached to post:


Focus please on picture where switch is held by small hand vice.
- do not open switch holder wider than I did on the picture. You can use i.e. 5 mm drill rod between holder platforms.
-note on top platform there is a button placed against the switch. Button position is fixed.
-inside lower platform find switch. Switch should stay flat exact in the recces made in the lower platform. Only in that position button is exact against the middle of switch blade.
[b]It is very important![/b]
-inside lower platform are also cables-wires. Connection wires should stay exact in the specially made recces.
If they are out of the recces they should disturb when you click. they can lock necessary space between platforms.

[b]Important, holder needs space between platforms for correct clicks[/b]

Reasons of your problems.

By attaching switch to your toe by adhesive tape placed between platforms you can:
-move switch from correct position in the recces.
-move wires.
-even thin layer of the tape decreases space between platforms and "moves" pivot point/line between platforms.
This can reduce drastically length of the lever so you require much bigger force for click.
[b]-Every time when you remove adhesive tape you use for attaching switch, small amount of the glue remains inside the switch[/b]. Next and next tape and glue can lock the switch. Glue which remains can move both switch and wires from its correct places.


Remove switch from the holder.
Be careful, wires are very short.
Use tweezers or knife.
Clean up holder inside i.e. aceton, thin tissue and tweezers.
Check switch and connection when stays outside the holder.
If problems with the switch remove tape which secured blades, replace blades by new one. Place blades exact in the middle of the switch than secure them by thin tape, cut off all edges of that tape.
Use very small amount of papier or rubber glue or double side adhesive tape on the bottom of the switch and put the switch back to the holder exact into recces. Position of the recess please find on the pictures in earlier mentioned post. (there is one picture with broken off top platform where you can see switch and wires into correct places.) Check position, click, if click correct test it with ff or ohmmeter.

This is only small pice of carbon and glass composite item. As long as not broken it has to work correctly.