System of Probability for Roulette Software

[i][i]I’ve been playing roulette random for a long time before I even started thinkin about real roulette.I developed some strategys that worked for me and I wanted to share one.You can test it and see for yourself.This is nothing special,just calculating the number that has the most probability of comming.I usually get it under 5 spins,but once I had to wait 20 spins.So it is software you’re playing against,always have that in your head.If I find anyone is interested in this,I will share more.And of course,don’t think you will always win.Hope you understood what I wanted to say in my last couple of sentences.You can download probability calculator or do it manually.


[center][b]***** System Of Probability For European Roulette Random *****


*Step 1:
F=a x (b+c) / d+1

*Step 2:
F - (dxd) / (b+c)

a=last number
b=2nd number
c=3rd number
d=4th number

NOTE:You will proceed to step 2 only if the number you get in the 1st step is higher than 36.
NOTE2:For example you get 4,3=4 … 5,5=6…under 0,5 =you get down,over 0,5 or 0,5 you go UP.
NOTE3:Cover final number and all numbers that surround him,you can do it in straight bet,split,corner,street,however you want it
NOTE4:Always adjust your chip value to your budget
NOTE5:Always limit your goal profit,losing limit,and time limit




Thanks a lot for your help guy thanks in advance .
I hope somebody will take a time to help me .