;D I know some members frown on telling about wins. The thing is I am on such a high who do I tell if I cannot say it here?

Anyway. Had a great last two days. Yesterday at Grand West I took R17000 profit starting with 5k bank. Played in the Prive on the R50 table. Today though is what takes the cake. Took R21000 from Golden Valley with a 2k bank on a R10 table. One of those days where easy access to tables with few players. All done with vb2. (No timer Sergi)

Well done mate

Well done, Toxic

VB2, is good. I always loved playing that way but now I am occupied with testing of RC.

LoL, really impressive! Keep on it buddy :smiley:

Thanks mate. Only had the last two days for playing. Off on holiday so will try them out again in the new year. :blush:

How long were your sessions?

Hi Davey

At Grand West I played a hour. At Golden Valley between an hour and 2.