Subtle Secrets to Exploiting The Non Random Nature of Certain Roulette Wheels

This is a short cut that can be used to exploit a specific kind of temporary or conditional type of bias.

It will not work with every wheel every time. It’s designed to give you a short term advantage over the casino. Also don’t confuse this method with traditional bias play.

If you’re someone that doesn’t have the time or patience required to track 10k spins on a wheel, then here’s a little trick with which you can have some fun.

It involves tracking the path of the roulette ball when it travels across the center wood cone of the wheel.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a wheel where the speed of the wheel and action of the ball is such that the ball rolls through the front of the pocket and travels high up and across the center wood cone. (The cone is the middle portion of the wheel just below the center turret extending downward to the front of the pocket.) You’ll want a wheel that is rototaing at about 2.2 to 3 seconds per rotation, and the ball needs to be approaching the pockets at a rather sharp angle, rather than a flat orbit decay pattern in most cases. If the wheel is too fast, the ball will be less likely to regularly escape the front of the pocket. You also don’t want a wheel where the ball is just plopping into the pocket and staying.

  2. Once you find a wheel where the ball is regularly escaping the front of the pocket and traveling across the center cone, record the entry and exit points of the ball. Basically you’re attempting to track number/section donors and number/section receivers.

Where the ball enters the cone from the front of a pocket, record a minus ( - ).

Where the ball exits the cone and becomes trapped in the pocket, record a plus (+).

The numbers that you want to bet on for brief periods of time are the numbers that are acting as the receivers (+). Wait for a particular number or mini section of two numbers to catch the ball a few times before you begin placing some bets. You’re only interested in recording the hits that occur because of the effect. Don’t be distracted by what appear to be the random hits.

Only bet on the numbers receiving the hits from the cone, while playing conditions remain favorable. You will find it works best when the ball is traveling high into the cone and short cutting across large areas of the wheel.

It’s important to understand that this is a short term effect that doesn’t last for very long. The effect is affected a great deal by wheel speeds and the angle at which the ball strikes the rotor. Wheel speed can affect how far the ball travels across the cone from donor areas.

The reasons for the short term bias are very complex. Here’s the short version:

  1. Sometimes enough residue, grime, or sticky spots can build up enough on the number tape to catch the ball and spin it through certain numbers by changing the strike angle of the ball as it passes over this plane of the wheel.

  2. Sometimes wheel cones can be warped. Sometimes panel seams can create ridges. The act as guides for the ball when it travels across these areas of the wheel. When this is the case, the effects last longer, but the bias effect is still in a fragile state that is greatly affected by the playing conditions, like wheel speed, etc.

  3. On some wheels the number tape will have seams, twist, or rise and fall just enough to change the ball strike angle on certain sections of the wheel.

A final note: Don’t just assume every number in a section receiver will be good. Bet only the numbers that are coming within a mini section, or just bet the individual numbers. Avoid the numbers that aren’t hitting, even if they are next to a number that is hitting frequently.

Good Luck.


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Thanks for explaining the strategies. I can always use more of these.

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Is it possible that cooler temperature (same airpressure) can casue numbers of a wheel head wobble to not travel as high elevation on the rotor? Recently, the original biased seemed to have gone away!

Also, let’s say a section of numbers is biased for long term data for example, 2,25,17,34,6,13. However, lets say in my recent session, number 2 and 25 appears cold number on the scoreboard and on my session data, should i avoid betting 2,25?