Steve's GW Test. If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try, Again

Earlier this year, Steve claimed he would demonstrate how great his “Genuine Winner” system was by turning 5k into 30k. ( A demonstration for Bago.) But…It never happened. I guess he couldn’t do it, or he was trying to bluff Bago, but it didn’t work.

The excuse this time: He needed someone that was neutral or he wouldn’t show the results.

Next, he changed the rules and claimed he would turn 1k into 5k. But…As you probably guessed, it never happened. He claims I never verified having received the name of on the account. I, of course, most certainly did verify the account name by acknowledging so ON HIS FORUM and by PM. After a month or more, nothing, zip, zero.

The excuse this time: Snowman was stalling by not verifying the account name.

Now, he’s going to try again. This time Kelly has agreed to watch him demonstrate how he’s going to multiply his bank by five times, however, I don’t know what the starting bank will be. I’m not even sure if he’s going for five times his starting bank. I suspect his goal and his bankroll will be much lower after the first two busts. Probably in the range of 50 to 250.

Now, what do you suppose his excuse will be this time?

-Snowman :slight_smile:

So snowman u bacame a Steve s hater too? lol

I will analyse the log my own way. Placed bets and wins/losses will give a analyse of the distribution around his prediction targets. Wether he comes out 1 or 5 X the bankroll is just a part of it, i will check his bet sizes to see if he is using a progression. Not that it is illegal, but it could catapult the winnings even though the hit distribution is normal. Everything will show also SD and Chi Square. I don`t think he has a dead line.

Actually, I’m not a Steve hater. I just don’t buy the BS.


I don’t think you’ll ever see the data. You’ll simply get excuses. I had sent him a PM and had posted that I had received the name of the account. Steve simply didn’t follow through.

I just logged in

and I cant beleive PROFESSIONALS like your selfs are EVEN bothering with the likes of him

ok im off ,ohh I got two samples both from two seperate fridays ,and hey what Kelly they look uncannily the same

catch you on a more productive thread ,and Ill probaly do better with thatt wheel with even such a samll sample and low chi and sector and single number SD

ok your mate Secman :-* :-*

As I’ve said, Kelly has to easy life. Why should he have better life then us? So let him have some business with Steve ;D

The challenge was 30K, 6 months ago, until now we have only talk from Steve.
This wast Bago’s challenged and Steve accepted it.

“There is only one solution for you to stop me. You have to connect to my dublinbet account and earn 30K in a week like it is stated on your various websites. When it will be done, i will give you the 30K, delete my website, youtube videos, well everything related to you and your systems, claim publicly on various message boards that i’ve been completely wrong about you and your products.”

I believe if he makes 30k and if Kelly can monitor progress we should give him some credit.
But it never happened and never will.

All his tests and proves were disaster and excuses. For example when he was showing prediction to Bago on a web cam, he couldn’t do simple things what Bago asked him, he could do only prepared predictions, same happened with Viper. After Stefano went bragging on forums how Bago is an idiot. Instead he simply could repeat test and do what Bago asked him to do. And somehow all his failures are my fault.

Stefanos famous sentence.
“If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would be disgusted in forester and understand what I mean when I say he is a sick person. But instead you think I’m the one with the problem.” :o

All people who tried to visit Steve never managed to do it and for Steve they all were idiots…
If you have access to forums development section you should read this.
It’s real disaster. :wink:

@ Bago then when I get to $3000, you will publicly apologize, remove all sites etc, then HANG YOURSELF, right?
[7/15/2010 12:07:42 PM] Tony Duhamel: Yes

Did you say that you will hang yourself if someone makes 3k on online casino?
In how many attempts he can do it?
If it is in one, then Snowman and Kelly should track same account to point when it started with Snowman.
I am not sure if winning 3 K means anything. Perhaps if it’s done on over 1000 spins it may mean something. Why he can’t make 30k as he advertise and as it was original challenge? Why to expect Bago to deposit 5k for him to play?
“Forester and snowman are just as idiotic as each other and have a personal vendetta, so they twist whatever they can.”
Why it’s always my fault? What did I twist? ::slight_smile:

I cant beleive PROFESSIONALS like your selfs are EVEN bothering with the likes of him

“Every now and then, a little nonsense is relished by the wisest men.” -Willy Wonka. :smiley:

In other words, we don’t take those wild claims of Steve too seriously. It’s just the source of a little amusement, once in a while, around here.

I always wanna piss myself when Stevo talks about how he tries to educate players… Like he is this big guru…more like he is this big asshole.

Hi Forester,

He can’t make any money from his paper system and you know it.

He sent me a screenshot showing me he won 4K with virtual money, that the wheel in question was too easy to beat for him and that he can’t wait.

I can’t tell if it will be the same account since it’s been several months now, he may have already attempted to win the required bankroll, obviously he didn’t.

I hope Caleb knows the original account and tells to Kelly which one it was.

Originally it had to be done in one month, but then Stefano changed the terms to: anytime, because he said the result would be the same whatever the time of play required.

Problem is I would like him to disappear with his scamming website as soon as possible but as it is his money earning, he had to say: no limit in time, so that he can continue to scam…

Why would he waste his time playing with fun money.
If he plays for real why not to show you real results?
Once I played for fun basic DS made almost 50K, I would never consider sending it to someone as any kind of prove.

Because he likes to play with photoshop, he considers it a proof.

Have you heard the ball he is using during his conference?.

No bounce at all, as if it was a lead ball. If his non existant team is impressed by that, then they must not play often in the real life Casino…

It is not to this point but we are close:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

And then everybody say: Wow! Lol the fat pig and his sheep are clowns.

He knows that nobody who is long enough around doesn’t take him seriously any more.
He is running 3 forums and tens of web sites related to his scam, writing same posts, if he manages to find one new sucker he is laughing.

Scammers do not care what people who understand something about roulette think about them, all they worry is how to find a new victim.
On forums he banned all people who questioned his stupidities, mostly AP players. In his desperation soon he will start banning others for ignoring and not reading his posts.

Long time ago i told you , you have no idea how lucky you were.

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