Steve fails online test yet again

Steve was supposed to have completed another challenge several months ago - demonstrating the effectiveness of his “Geniune Winner” system.

At this point, Steve has run out of impartial judges for tests, since every demonstration or challenge to date has ended in failure. I wonder what he will do this time in order to try and discredit the impartial observer, (Kelly).


He might try buy another forum!

Kelly was waiting and waiting, I was wondering if he is still waiting and asked.
The answer was that after 6 months he stopped waiting. Apparently Stefano has no time to make 5k.

Since he doesn’t insist on answers as some others, I assume he will not be on Stefano’s black list ;D.

Apparently he now after 6 months have the 3 days he says it takes. He says i have to understand that it has only low priority. Great, but why set it all up in the first place ? No one has forced him to put him in that spot. I don`t think its gonna happen anyway. Imagine something unexpected comes up and blows his 3 day window…wait another 6 months ?

Great, but why set it all up in the first place? No one has forced him to put him in that spot.

I believe Bago challenged him, Stefano promised he will prove it, but of course he couldn’t’ same as many other times.
Now Stefano is trying to make that his system is not a system but training in AP.
What happened to the GW system , result of his energy research and found magic golden spiral in nature? Advertised as a job opportunity where only 50 units are required to play, with no risk of losing and backed up by 200% money back guaranty.

Of course it doesn’t exist, it was a scam and it was good for Stefano until it lasted.
He says it exists but people are not allowed to talk about it. Two years ago he claimed to have 900 people using it; 3.5 years ago it was 200 hundred people. (currently the site is down)

At this site I searched for cached pages of genuine winner and roulette forum.
Interesting was that at forum he was saying people are not allowed to talk only about specific parts of the system but he never said they are not allowed to identify themselves as a players or winners. Later on he added they can’t talk at all as an excuse since people start complaining and calling him a scammer.

His main custom variant system is where people submit 333 spins and he tells them which numbers to play therefore there is no way any of them can release any confidential information.
Remaining part what we call a paper system is just basics and dealers signature so from our point of view it doesn’t have any confidential information. It was an eBook protected by password; Stefano was also inserting buyer’s information in each document so he can track them down if they share it with the others. Each system has buyers name hidden behind images.

When documents as that come around he claimed it is not real but only a part of his system he released for people who he doesn’t trust.
According to Stefano if someone buys GW system he will get only basic until he proves to be trusted and he is not stupid to sell GW which can literally win millions. Wondering how someone on the other side of world can be trusted? Paying $2500 for what?

The exception is what I call "dynamic bias", but even that requires far more work than other methods. Herb doesn't seem to know any better, which is why he uses bias - a comparatively poor method. Why would any "pro" do this?

I see, Snowman is now subject for Stefano’s abuse. :o
Just wondering how players after submitting 333 spins and waiting for Stefano’s response can play anything that relates to dynamic play.

Members of this forum are on the cutting edge in terms of software, hardware, and ideas. There are some very talented and brilliant members on this forum. Steve will forever be playing catch up with us all. Many of us have the ability and software required to correct his system design flaws at the drop of a hat, but will not, and should not openly publish our cutting edge material on the unsecure part of the forum. Any idea that he has regarding AP play likely originated from members or posts on this forum. We should continue to protect AP methods from the hucksters that are just looking to make another dime peddling other people’s stolen methods and ideas

Like most people on this forum, I giggle when I see that Steve claims that he’s somehow on the cutting edge. The reason that Steve probably believes that he’s somehow on the cutting edge is because he chooses to surround himself with people like Mr. J. and Gizmotron. These people are running, moderating, posting on, and largely controlling his forum. I’m sure people like J Boy find Steve’s knowledge to be impressive and I’m sure they are dazzled with his “Genuine Winner System”. After all, it’s not hard to dazzle inexperienced fantasy players like J Boy. However, experienced APs and members of this forum have traveled the beaten path, long before Steve ever thought to take a walk down it. His Genuine Winner system is, at best, a primitive system as old as the hills. It didn’t work back then and it won’t work now - for reasons that most on this forum have long known.

Regarding Steve Hormous Genuine Winner testing verification. There was no reason for me to provide him with a mailing address in order to verify whether his “Genuine Winner System” worked or not. He simply provided me with his online username, which I received. However, he never made a dime with the account name. It was all a just a publicity type of stunt and bluff. He did the same thing with Kelly. To date he has made zip zero nada with the system via the online accounts that were provided for verification. To this day, I still don’t know why he says that my refusing to provide him with my mailing address had anything to do with his failed “Genuine Winner System” verification test. I guess he’s just trying to create the best excuse that he can craft in the moment. At this point, as near as I can tell, his Genuine Winner System is no more effective than Mr. J’s “System With Teeth”. In other words, it doesn’t appear to work.

Regarding his so called “professional players”: As you all know, I travel a great deal in order to play. In all of my travels, I have yet to meet one of his players, or any AP that’s even using his hardware, software, material, method or system.

And that’s, really about all I have to say about Steve Hormouis.

Been there done that.

Once I tried to see him, he gave me a wrong address, his office never existed.

Second time in front of two witnesses I accepted his offer. I was prepared to cancel my flight that evening just to see it. We all agreed to go together to see it but then he pulled back under excuse that he actually can’t take us all to his home.

Third time he wanted to show me on portable DVD how his RC predicts I refused since I’ve seen many videos so what would be the point?

His excuses that I am one who run away to not face the truth are so childish.
Maybe you are right about AP material, but for him it doesn’t matter how much he knows but how many uninformed people he can find.

It was funny post at GG you made when Stefano replayed.
“Snow, I agree that forester is not a scammer. Neither am I, but let’s not get into that.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. He is saying is he not a scammer since nobody else says it, and then he doesn’t want to discuss about that. I believe he is forgetting that he was imprisoned for scam. Some people have selective memory.

Yes, it is me who challenged piggy. If you read the archives, you’d know I wanted to set up a date when he would have to show his bankroll
but he refused, saying it does not matter. Now everybody realizes it was an obligation, knowing what sort of person he is. It’s been 8 months now since nothing happened. Indeed, it is hard to win when you have only a system based on dealer signature. If what he is saying was right, that he has 9 custom variants patterns found in nature that have nothing to do with wheel and ball speed, then the challenge would have been completed long time ago, why would he put himself in such an embarrassing situation if his system was something more advanced than simple dealer signature explained in his 11 digits password protected ebook?

The reason he accepted the challenge is only for the sells. He bluffs and lies all the time about his system/computer so that newbies tells themselves: “hey, if he accepts an online casino challenge, then he must have something that works…”. Problem with Stefano is he writes a lot of things on his message boards, but there is no evidences, hard proof to back up his claims. In March, Stefano spammed emails to promote his system! saying that people must purchase now if they want to have his software access for free, otherwise, they will have to pay a monthly fee!.

An example with the guy Ronjo from south africa. The guy made some posts on Stefano’s message board before he agreed to send him a computer to test. Then he wrote that Stefano’s computer is exceptional, and as soon as this unknown person claimed this, he disappeared from Stefano’s message boards, strange coincidence. It must be boring for Stefano to continue posting as Ronjo when this nickname is of no more use.
When you think about what evidences Stefano provides, you realize it is based on misleading reviews made by fake names on his message boards, phone calls testimonies by affiliates/friends, audio conversations for his “conferences”, faked photoshop bankroll pictures, cut/chosen winning streak videos at online casinos, videos made under very easily beaten wheels and balls.


Well that’s about it.
He writes how he took every challenge and proved it, when reality is that he never did.
If Stefano has anything that works reasonably well be sure he would send it for free to you, or viper or someone known , just to prove the point.
If he doesn’t have then he will continue doing what he already does.

Character Ronjo disappeared form VLS and forums. Some people from SA tried to contact him to check if what Stefano talk is truth but they didn’t get any response. So which kind of reference is that? Aparently Ronjo was in hospital so he couldn’t talk, maybe it was the truth I wish him well, but the point is that Ronjo never come to talk to people and to ask me about test requirements.

I do not remember Ronjo said that Stefano’s computer is exceptional. I’ve seen only Stefano writing and writing. Irony was that he said how Ronjo did my 4 d test when both of them didn’t understand the test at that time , and Stefano’s description of 4D test was completely wrong.

I think that a good system to be able to quickly make some money both that to make to be paid by Bago to torture SH. ;D ;D

what do you mean, i don’t understand your sentence…

lol. I don’t know why any of us bother with this fake. I believe the 2 or 3 guys on VLS that backs him are just ol Steve posting under other names. With that I don’t mean J or Gizzy. They are just plain idiots. If you tell J something is white he’ll say it is black. If you tell him ok it’s black he’ll say it’s white. Gizzy might not be an idiot rather than a lunatic. His visions of blackboxes etc is just ludicrous. I guess they all belong in the same place.

And that is that!