Stefano's Latest Marketing Scam!

Stefano’s back at it again with one of his latest marketing scams.

This DIRTY BUM is using Pre-Recorded paid advertizers now pretending to be customers!!! ;D 8)

He has also put it on youtube.

I got a questions for stefano, if his G-winner has been so successful why does he play with fakemoney?

The roulette assault, probably what G-winner based upon.

Edit: I just saw that his latest video was uploaded 10 August. Maybe he need some money.

Six months ago he was claiming that he is giving away all secrets of his system, but because so many of his customers want it, they have to wait.
He is trying to link it to winnings that Spanish family have won.

His print of GW is rubbish but he was always claiming that real secret nobody knows, and after collecting 333,666 or 999 spins with particular parameters he will be able to tell you how to constantly win on that particular wheel.

Sometimes I am wondering did he ever visited and really played in casino.
Even so skilled people like from Ritz team having problems playing when they observe wheel and see everything ,but Stefano of course with his magic numbers can do it from 10,000 km distance.